Month: October 2020

The Island of Giant Insects. A Very Odd Survival Horror Anime.

A group of teens find themselves stranded on a mysterious island that seems to be inhabited by huge insects out to kill them.

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Coping Through it All: I, a Black Woman, am Tired.

Disclaimer: This is a semi sad post and I am talking about my depression, injustice in the black community and how it’s impacted me mentally, along with this pandemic. If you don’t want to read anything sad or trigger yourself, I recommend not continuing reading.

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A Place Further Than the Universe—I love friendships

So the really funny thing about being a Gemini is that literally we start things, and then sometimes, we never finish them…. whats new? I decided once again, to put my Crunchyroll account to good use. I’m also taking a short break from some of the anime I have been watching because I don’t know, […]

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