About Me

Hi to whoever may stumble across this page!

I’m BlerdyOtaku, and welcome to my blog!

it me 🙂

I am 24 years old (although I get carded a lot lol) My favorite genres are dark fantasy, horror, supernatural, comedy, slice of life, and shounen. Sometimes, a lil bit of science fiction. That’s the majority of what I will be writing about. I honestly will watch just about anything. If it can hold my interest, then perfect. But the genres mentioned above, are what I predominately watch the most.

I started watching anime from a young age, but it wasn’t until I started college, that I met other people who looked like me, who watched anime or read manga. One of the goals with my blog, is to bring more Black girls together through the power of anime. However, it’s not just exclusive to that community and I welcome and invite all people from whatever background, to check ya girl out 😄 (the blog not me).

I don’t really have a post schedule as I am a sporadic writer, however I do try to post at least twice a month. If I post more than that, its simply a coincidence. I’ve learned, I am not capable of busting out daily or weekly blog content right now. I do not like to push myself to meet imaginary deadlines. Soon, I’ll eventually be headed to grad school, so I reckon I’ll have less time than I do now. But until that happens, I’ll do my best to post regularly. I’m honestly all over the place so just bear with me please!

Fun facts about me:

✵ I am a Gemini so it’s honestly like two people are running this blog instead of one 😄

✵ The first anime I ever watched was literally Naruto Shippuden and Pokemon (is it fake that I only like the movies tho? Whatever lmao.)

✵ I have seen every episode of Naruto Part 1 and 2, including the fillers (yes I’m that anime watcher), AND I can actually tell you the exact 5 episodes I did not watch from the entire series lol (what a loser)

✵ I have a twin who also watches anime and we often recommend shows to each other

✵ Spirited Away was the first anime movie I ever watched when I was younger, and holds a special place in my heart because of that. There was a point in my young adult life where I would watch it every night before bed, also I always felt like me and Chihiro were the same person.

✵ I am both a manga reader and anime watcher

✵ I prefer subbed anime but [and I’m about to confuse ya’ll bc here go my Gem trait kicking in] IF there’s a dubbed version for a show I’ll sometimes choose dubbed over subbed. If I start watching subbed and an english version is released I never watch it, because at that point I’ve already grown accustomed to the Japanese voice actors (For example, I have literally never watched the dubbed version of HxH but I saw a clip once and I was literally taken aback lol same with Boruto.)

✵ Sometimes when I watch anime, if I find out there’s a manga and the timelines are matching up, I’ll just read the manga and only watch the anime adaption to see a specific arc animated (I caught up on TPN via manga and never finished the anime, but when the Goldy Pond arc is animated I’m in there like swimwear period.)–Edit: LOL THEY PLAYED THE SHIT OUT OF MANGA READERS ON THAT 2ND SEASON

✵ I really enjoy watching 80s-90s, and early 2000s anime, almost as much as I enjoy watching the new stuff that’s out today.

✵ That really sub par logo header I made for my blog, showcases some of my favorite anime that I have watched. EDIT: I’m in the process of changing around the website so its not visible but there was one there before.

✵ I am an emotional anime watcher and manga reader (who isn’t tho.)

✵ My favicon and logo is actually suppose to resemble me and was inspired by me! And it was done by a lovely and talented lady named Inique whose twitter account is @Inkplash. If you happen to see my other icon (sometimes the favicon icon switches back and forth bc WP hates me) it was done by a lovely woman named @rxdiance (this is her ig)

Anime has made a very huge difference in my life, and I’m really happy to have been able to meet so many new people, and even learned new things because of it. As a Black woman specifically, I get immense joy from meeting other Black girls[and occasionally guys], who love anime as much as I do. I really hope that whoever stumbles upon my blog, happens to enjoy the content that I put out!

If you wish to contact me, you can reach out to me on my socials (they’re somewhere on this blog loool or shoot me an email at info@blerdyotaku.com I enjoy getting recommendations for shows!