Beastars S2 Review

I know we reached our two post minimum for the month (woo woo), but I really just wanted to talk about Beastars. After countless weeks of saying I’d watch this new season, I finally watched it thanks to insomnia a few nights ago. I’ve noticed that when new shows or seasons are released, I wait to watch them. It’s partially because I don’t want to watch with the collective just yet. People have a tendency to either overhype or trash a show. Even though most people’s opinions on shows never keep me from watching, I still waited it out. I also have this weird habit of just waiting out shows that I like. I think I mostly do it because some shows I watch are the type to air weekly. Despite Beastars releasing all the episodes for the second season in the states finally, I just waited until I was ready to sit down and enjoy it. Do you guys ever do that? Do you wait for the right moment to sit down and enjoy an anime, or do you just jump right in? I hate waiting for things, but also I feel like my emotions need to be in check before I start a show that I like (emotional anime watcher here). I have covered the first season of Beastars and I had mixed emotions. Even with those feelings, it still spurred me to buy the manga. I’m lowkey an undercover hater, but it was a good story. This second season actually covers Legoshi finding Tem’s killer. The first season description specified he’d find the killer, but now I’m thinking maybe there was some sort of mistake. Legoshi’s and Haru’s relationship are put on the back burner, as Legoshi investigates the murder and does some soul searching on what it means to truly be a carnivore.

Lets take a look at our characters!


Legoshi is our main character. Totally forgot what year of school he’s in, but I suppose it’s not really relevant. He’s definitely undergone some character development, since being in that loveeee hotel with Haru. By the way, people totally think he slept with her. Plus ever since his performance with that pesky tiger Bill, peers have been looking at him differently. Legoshi is still reserved, but you can tell there’s a quiet confidence emerging from him. He’s still not all the ready to embrace his carnivorous side, but he’s at least acknowledging his instincts and lingering power. During majority of this season, Legoshi has been tasked with finding Tem’s killer. He investigates a few students, before concluding that it has to be someone in his immediate friend group. I have like ten volumes of this story, so I already knew who the killer was, despite not having read it yet. It still however shocked me, the way Legoshi came right out and accused the murderer. I half expected him to die right then and there, but fate in the form of a very handsome Billy goat intervened. Now that Legoshi knows who Tem’s killer is, he plans to exact justice. Why he couldn’t just be a normal teenager and report it to the police I don’t know. But beating the murderer physically proves hard to do. Legoshi is a gray wolf, quite capable of holding his own in a fight. Because he does not eat meat, he’s not very strong for a carnivore, unlike his opponent who ate Tem. Legoshi finds his way back to Gohin, asking to be trained so that he can be stronger. He fights the murderer once again, but upon talking, Legoshi realizes that he could have been in the exact same situation. He empathizes with the murderer, and the fight ends. His whole drive throughout the season was to “protect” herbivores. Maybe in a way since he couldn’t protect Tem, and the circumstances involving Haru’s rescue, Legoshi feels he needs to bare this responsibility. Speaking of Haru, his feelings towards her are as complicated as ever. In the last episode, there’s really no conclusion on if they will be together or not. You could always read the manga to find out however.


We rarely got see this little rabbit. I found that so interesting, since she was literally the talk of the town first season! Haru spent most of her time worrying about Legoshi, and then worrying more about that raggedy ass deer bamb-I mean, Louis. This bothered Legoshi a lot, since the boy obviously loves her. Unfortunately, Louis was the cause of most of their arguments, despite him not even being there. If I was Legoshi, I might have felt a way. I’m competing for a girl’s love and my rival is literally outta sight, but not outta mind. It was very frustrating for him to navigate his own feelings towards Haru, knowing that she still might have feelings towards Louis. Every time I thought they were progressing in their relationship, Legoshi would tell her something dumb and Haru would withdraw. I understand that Louis and Haru were friends (with benefits lets not even front). I think due to Louis leaving unexpectedly and Haru not getting the closure she needed from him, it definitely clouds her feelings for Legoshi. But Haru does recognize that Legoshi has gentle qualities that Louis never really exhibited. She finally comes to terms that she loves Legoshi, even professing it to him. Like I mentioned before, towards the end, they’re kind of on rocky terms. But, if you do want to know if they stay together, it’s a click away. I can’t really say Haru underwent any character development. I swear we only seen her maybe 5 times. But I’m glad she recognized her feelings for Legoshi finally. It kind of felt like she was stringing him along the last season, and even in this one. It’s ironic because the tables actually turn, and now Legoshi is the one acting wishy-washy, which Haru does not like at all.


Since the events of the loveee hotel, Louis has somehow became the leader of the Shishigumi, which is a pack (den?) of lions. The lions decide to use Louis as a way to earn more street cred for their gang. After all, who would feel threatened by a red deer? Louis still has the inferiority complex going for him, and initially refuses to be a pawn for the Shishigumi. Eventually he reluctantly gives in, and is initiated. The initiation involves eating meat, which he has an aversion to since he’s an herbivore. Still Louis eats the meat, proving to the lions he can run with them (no pun intended.) He spends his time doing business in the black market, while Legoshi is training there as well. The deer does eventually return to school, but only to tell others that he will not be coming back. He even forces his sicko father to sign withdrawal papers. At multiple points, Louis does run into Legoshi and the two talk. Throughout this story, it is very clear that Louis has a very strong dislike and a sense of distrust in carnivores, especially ones who are nice like Legoshi. As much as he tries to make it seem like he dislikes Legoshi, Louis finds that he likes the grey wolf quite a bit, despite past grievances. He learns to be a little more empathetic towards others, and even lends a helping hand (lol wrong body part) to Legoshi before his fight against the murderer. I think at this point, Louis has sort of learned to accept his role as an herbivore, and that it’s okay to trust carnivores. Even ones who give in to natural instinct. So A plus to bambi on the character development. It very rare for me to like rude characters, but Louis made a clear effort to change his ways and thinking. He also leaves the Shishigumi, which leaves an impact on some of it’s members.


I’m not even going to lie, I literally do not want to write about her LOL. She annoyed me in the first season, and annoyed me in this one as well. Juno deludes herself into thinking that Legoshi is playing with her heart. Poor Legoshi is so oblivious, it’s actually sickening. After the speech Juno gave at the meteor festival, it thrusts her in the spotlight as the next potential Beastar. Juno is a seemingly nice wolf, but we know she’s shady. She does run into Haru again, and the two actually spend time together. It’s at that moment, Juno realizes why Legoshi is drawn to the rabbit, as she feels that same pull. She’s quite smart as well, eventually figuring out Louis is the head of the Shishigumi. She tries to convince him to come back, but to no avail. Truly no character development. The only thing I did notice was that she acts very different around Bambi. She’s not her usual confident self. I’m sure the manga delves further into the dynamic of their relationship, if there is one.


We are introduced to a new character! Pino is a very good looking billy goat who has just joined the drama club. He is extremely observant which, annoys Legoshi a lot. Pina accidently overhears Legoshi confronting the murderer, which puts him in a dangerous position. However, Pina is very cunning. He manages to stay safe from the murderer by mentioning the charges that will be stacked against him should Pina die. The murderer does try to intimidate Pina multiple times, but that billy goat is not bitch made, I’ll tell you that. Pina refuses to be scared, and even tells the murderer that he’s not afraid to die. He’s not very central to the storyline, other than the fact that he also knows who killed Tem. He does not go to the police either, although he does try recording a confession from the murderer, but fails. Teens are dumb. In the end, Pina is injured by the murderer but he lives. Also side note, I think he’s bi–or maybe has some weird fetish of carnivores eating him. I feel like he was hitting on Legoshi at one point, despite flirting with other goats. I liked Pina. It was fun to see the girls fawn over him, and even consider him a stand-in for Louis. Also, when he called all the carnivores ugly in drama club, and they all got up to basically jump him I screeched!

Jack (because I love him)

This is a Jack appreciation section! I don’t have much to say, other than I literally love Jack! He’s the friend we all need! He was always there to lighten the mood. Always there supporting Legoshi. Even when he was absolutely heartbroken that Legoshi decided to leave school, he still covered for his friend. It’s clear he’s known Legoshi the longest out of everyone. It was nice to see their dynamic. Legoshi always appeared to be off standish to me. The only time he seemed even remotely relaxed was around Jack and the others.

Sheila and Peach

This is a Sheila and Peach stan account! I literally love them and they are so cute together ugh besties! That is all.

There’s a huge incident that happens in the drama club. It causes the school to push for segregation among the herbivores and the carnivores. This does spur protest from both sides. It was cool to see that despite having differences and even tragic accidents, the students were willing to fight for their right to still be around each other. It was kind of a secondary problem that appeared towards the end. There’s no mention if it’s resolved or not (I can’t remember, thank you insomnia). The drama club does decide that they will participate in the protest, since their prestigious club is made up of herbivores and carnivores.

Last thoughts

Overall, I think this was a good season, and I’m glad that Tem’s murderer was finally caught. I’m not gonna lie, that was the whole reason I picked up the show. Legoshi and Haru are cute, but I like a good mystery. I think the story would have been more interesting if the killer hadn’t actually been in Legoshi’s friend group however. There were obvious signs that it was his friend. I mean, he even started getting more and more screen time for a secondary character. I think that his reasoning behind killing Tem was definitely flawed, and it was nice that he finally did some self reflecting after fighting Legoshi.

I do think there is season three potential. I’m not sure if a new season has already been confirmed or not. Tem’s murderer has been found, but what of Legoshi and Haru? Where is their relationship headed? What is Louis going to do with his life now that he’s not a gang leader anymore? Who will become the next Beastar? Also, Legoshi now has a criminal record and decided to drop out of school. What’s in store for him? And not to mention our secondary characters. I enjoyed seeing small snippets of their lives outside of the original plot. I’m hoping season three is our wrap-up season, especially since the manga is concluded. I will admit I was not a fan at first, but the mystery kept me reeled in. I do like the show now, and am wishing there will be some closure in a hopeful third season.

Did you guys enjoy Beastars? Anyone reading the manga?

Also side note. When I covered the first season, I updated WP some time afterwards. It caused those post’s thumbnails to change from the first season poster to the second season poster. I don’t know why WP hates me. I’ll change it back….eventually

Until next post!