Beastars thoughts (Episodes 5-8)

Before I start this I just wanna say Jack is the friend we all need! He always seems to know when Leggo face is acting strange and I think its adorable! Any who, I have 3 more episodes to watch and I was honestly putting it off, because this show is mad wild, and the fact that they’re all animals is still not sitting right with me.


Legoshi is a SIMP. This is a word I actually learned since moving to Baltimore. A simp is basically a person (often a guy) who will pretty much go above and beyond to get the girl he wants, but like he does it in a very reckless or foolish way. I would say it is fair, that Haru has my guy out here looking absolutely stupid. ALSO fuck that raggedy ass deer Louis! This deer is ENGAGED And leadin my girl Haru on, but wanna get jealous that Legoshi wants her. Talk about a double standard. And it just sucks because Haru has made it painfully clear she wants Bambi and not Legoshi *Sad face*


Also we met a new female character named Juno! She’s this cute little gray wolf and she has feelings for Legoshi although he does not reciprocate him. There’s more to her than meets the eye, and she even makes a vow to win Legoshi from Haru. I PERSONALLY think they would be way cuter because ya know…they are the same species…but thats just me!

Love or basic animal instinct?

One thing I was curious about, was if Legoshi was really obsessed with Haru on a romantic level. Or if he’s just driven by his animal nature to get close to her, so that he can eat her. Because we know he doesn’t eat meat. And that he tries his hardest to be likeable to the herbivores even though they are still scared of him.

Sex positivity in Anime?

I was trying not to let it get to me, but I am a little irritated at the way Haru is treated by everyone in the school. There’s such a double standard and its so weird. There’s students who talk about her like a dog, but these are the same students who actually slept with her as well. So what does that say about them? I’m not understanding why she’s the only person catching flack for her actions, when it takes two to tango. So I’m not very happy that’s what the creator decided to do for Haru’s character. More power to her for taking control of her body and doing with it what she wants. But the way she’s received by others sucks. I’m trying to also still keep in mind that these are high school students as well, and that rumors can spread like wildfire about promiscuous girls.

On to the last three episodes since I watched 9 before posting this!

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