BEM Anime Recap Episode 2: Bela & the Liar

Maybe I’m tripping, but this episode went by very quickly. We got to learn a little bit more about Bela, and what she does when she isn’t with Bem and Belo. I also was correct in my assumption, that her and Belo were in their teen years. Although, I assume Bem might be 10 to 14 years old. Also we learn her human name is Annabella (Annie to her human friends, Bela to her demon friends.)

The episode starts off with Sonia and her colleague, being called to a graveyard to investigate the death of a young girl. The girl’s body is unrecognizable, as its just skeleton, and it is deduced they need more information on the body.

We jump to Bela, who is assumedly in school, and her friends have asked her to hang out after class. It was so interesting to see what she was like with humans. From the first episode, it’s pretty clear that Bela is quite fond of humans. Her and her friends go to the mall to hang out, and there we find Bem, who is also with a group of humans. Bem does not really understand why they should become humans, although he isn’t opposed to it all that much.

At the mall, Bela and her friends find a woman staring at her, and the lady approaches claiming to know Bela. Confused, the girls ask how Elaine (the strange lady) could know Bela, to which she replies she went to school with a girl named Mary. Mary happens to look exactly like Bela.

At this moment, we learn that Bem, Belo, and Bela have basically taken the faces of humans. I guess I was kind of shocked, but it does make sense because duh they’re demons. They can’t just walk around in their natural form, but I would like to know how they “stole” the faces.

Anyways, Elaine gives Bela her number and goes about her day. Sonia has identified the body as Mary, and begins an investigation into her death. We learn through old schoolmates, Mary was accused of stealing jewelry from her wealthy friend Dominic. Elaine was friends with both Mary and Dominic, and apparently tried to reconcile the girls. To test her bravery, Dominic made Mary travel through the Outside, while Elaine urged everyone to go back to the Upper (the nice part of the city).

Going back to present day, Elaine meets with Bela again, and tells her the story of Mary and Dominic. At the end, she gives Bela a hair pin, that happens to be the exact pin Dominic said Mary stole. The same night, (I think) Bela gets an alarming message from Elaine, and makes her way to the graveyard. There she meets Dominic, who can’t believe Mary is still alive. When she sees Bela wearing her pendant, she accuses her of really stealing it, to which Bela denies. Both women are confused as to why Elaine called them to the graveyard, and in an instant Dominic is killed. By a big ass bowling ball. A hit man, who’s specialty I guess is bowling, appears and confesses that Bela looks recognizable to him.

It is revealed that he was hired by Elaine to kill Mary some years ago and now he must kill her again. Bela sheds her human appearance, and for the first time we see her true form. I must admit, I thought Bem was a scary looking demon, but Bela might take the cake. She kills the hit man with ease, and learns of Elaine’s betrayal.

Bela finds Elaine and asks her why she lied about everything. Basically Elaine is a delusional ass bitch, who couldn’t stand Mary for whatever reason. Bela gets mad, because she doesn’t like to be lied to, and attempts to kill Elaine. Up until this point, I thought they were “good” demons in the sense that they protect humans from bad demons. But I see now, they must also protect humans from other bad humans. Elaine was fixing to die for sure.

I’m not sure if Bela was fueled by anger or not, but she seems to evolve into an even more powerful form when upset. Even her appearance changes slightly. Just before she can kill Elaine, Bem comes out of nowhere and uses force to stop her. Sonia conveniently appears as well and I was like wtf. Turns out Bem called her. He explains rather quickly that Elaine is responsible for the murder of Mary and just like that they disappear, leaving Sonia with the woman.

In the end, Bela claims that she took Mary’s face, because the girl had claimed she didn’t want to die. Maybe in a twisted way, she’s carrying on the essence of Mary. Bela claims she’s happy she took Mary’s face upon learning how positive and kind the girl was.

No lie, I kind of expected Bela to be a little stuck up. I mean, just based off her appearance she just looks like one of those girls. Her resting bitch face is on ten truly. But she’s actually sweet, and sis just wants to be a human so I’m rooting for her. Also, we can clearly see the relationship both Belo and Bela have with Bem. They definitely look to him as a father figure and he plays his role well.

Just random I wonder if they have an actual house they reside in. They seem to always be meeting on the bridge that connects the upper and the outside. Just from how they interact with each other it seems like they’re close, but not close enough to actually live together? Idk.

Let me know what you guys think! Maybe this next episode will be about Belo. Follow ya girl on Twitta @BlerdyOtaku——-> if you wanna see me tweet about stupid things really. To the next episode I go!


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