Murray Chrysler!!!!

Happy Holidays y’all!

Hoping you are all safe right now! This year is a little different for everyone, as some of us got to be with our families, while some of us didn’t. I actually have spent Christmas alone for the past 3 years, as I worked a lot during undergrad, and I usually couldn’t go home since I would have to work right after Christmas. This year is obviously different, because we’re in the middle of a whole panoramic (black twitter really be cracking me up).

I was supposed to go to NC, where my mom and brother currently are (they actually both live in Ohio). Unfortunately, at the last minute (really like a week before) I decided it would be best, if I just stayed in my apartment. The state of Maryland is now a hot spot, and I really would not be able to live with myself, if I went around my family, and someone were to get *****.

The last few holidays I’ve spent alone, but I’ve never felt….much. Never felt sad, or lonely. I kinda just would sleep through Christmas Day, work on New Years. Keeping my phone on DnD, because I hate sappy holiday texts. I’ve gotten extremely used to spending them alone. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s what I prefer. And while my mom was quite upset I wasn’t spending Christmas with her yet again, I wanted to be a responsible adult (I also did not feel like driving 5 hours with Woody).

What I’ve been doing Today

This Christmas wasn’t so bad. Actually, it hasn’t been bad at all. I woke up very early this morning to play Animal Crossing. Moved my nook shop, because I really just didn’t like where it was. I still need a few more villagers, until I can get the K.K. fella to come. Tammy finally left my village today as well, and I was so happy because I don’t like Tammy. And I got two new villagers, Monty and Bertha!

After that, I face-timed my girlfriends. Fun fact about me: I am in a platonic throuple with two of my closest friends. One of them got me a toaster oven for Christmas, which she let me open last week. I’ve been using it nonstop since. My other girlfriend, got me a very cute funko pop of Tsuyu Asui, and I started crying. Probably because my period started. But I love Tsu! I even have a picture of her in my wallet, so she’s with me everywhere I go.

I’ve Finally Started Collecting Manga

Recently I’ve started collecting physical manga. Now that I am no longer in school, I can start back collecting paperbacks. I truly prefer paperback over digital, because I’m an emotional reader who occasionally throws books at the wall. So I bought a few (okay a lot) of horror manga, mostly Junji Ito, and then a series called The Drifting classroom, which is quite an interesting Isekai manga. My mom sent me money for books for Christmas as well, so I ended up buying as many Toilet-bound Hanako volumes that Amazon would let me. Those should be here on Monday. For some reason, I couldn’t get into the anime. It’s really cute, but couldn’t hold my attention. So I decided reading it might be best, and I’ll come back to the anime eventually.

I mostly got myself gifts for Christmas, and it was odd because it was the first time I had ever really gotten myself things for a holiday, but I enjoyed it. Online shopping really makes me feel better. Today is a pretty normal day for me, and for once I sorta feel happy?

The Best Gift of All

I think my favorite gift of all, is that my degree was finally conferred this month, and I’m officially a college graduate! Some days I wake up, and I think “woah you have a degree now?” We make a joke that it’s an “extreme sport” to graduate from my school in 4 years or less. It took me 5 years to get my degree, but I’m not ashamed. Not a lot of people in my family have high school diplomas, and even less have college degrees. I think including me, that makes 5 of us in my entire family, to hold a college degree now. And it’s a very big deal!

I wish I had been able to celebrate this victory with my entire family, but couldn’t due to obvious reasons. Not really sure what to do with my degree now, although I’ve got some plans for it. I’m just proud of myself for not dropping out of college, because I definitely told my mom quite a few times, that I was going to haha.

B.S. in Human Development. Very fitting as I definitely bs’d my way through college lol

Blog Updates lolz

Aha ha, once again we get to the section of the post, where I basically lie and and say I’ll be more consistent with posting, and then I do the opposite. Again….work in progress. One day…I’ll get it together. I’ve been speaking to my friends about trying some new things on the blog. I’ve mostly been scared, because I’m a coward, but with their encouragement, I shall do my best to carry these posts out. So I’m really excited about that.

As of right now, I have about 9 days left before I have to go back to work. So that’s 9 days I can watch anime, read manga and work on the blog. But also, it’s 9 days to rest and relax. Although I work from home, it is quite exhausting having to ask little humans to keep their camera’s on, or to stay in the camera….literally all day. By the end of the day, I’m exhausted and I just want to sleep. Probably doesn’t help that my work desk is directly beside my bed. But in my defense, there’s literally no where else to put it. What can you do.

Spending the Holidays alone

To me, Christmas is truly a capitalist holiday, in which [some] people go broke, buying gifts for loved ones. To others, it’s all about celebrating the day Christ was born. For most, it’s simply being able to spend time around the people you love. I know many of you probably aren’t used to spending the holidays alone, like I am.

But it’s a great time to take care of yourselves mentally! Maybe watch some Christmas movies, or if you aren’t into the holiday spirit, any movie that makes you feel good. My favorite holiday movie is Elf (I just love Will Ferrell). Or order your favorite food. All the stores are closed today, so if you’re out of groceries, doordash may be your best bet. Or play Christmas music! Personally, I like The Temptations Christmas album. When I was younger, my aunt would play it, and she’d say if we didn’t sing along, we didn’t get presents. All those sound like really silly things, but it’s gotten me through the past holidays I have had to spend alone. If you’re up to it, maybe make a few phone calls to friends and family too.

Wishing everyone a happy holidays again! Please stay safe and remember if you have to go out, wear a mask please!

Stay safe boos!


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