Blog update—HIATUS

Alright so I’ve been really really sick not like flu sick but mentally and physically, ya girl been goin through it! I’ve got some health condition called IBS on top of GERD and it’s such a weird condition but I’ve been trying to watch what I eat (keeping a food diary and whatnot) but it’s really hard and I’m still learning what foods will trigger it and what won’t. Right now I’m in some pain so I think me and cow milk don’t mix but y’all I literally bought some oat milk and wow…..the taste!

As of right now just due to recent health issues, I am officially declaring a hiatus for BlerdyOtaku. I don’t know for how long, hopefully only for the rest of this month while I try and get my life and health together. Now if you do see me post towards the end of this month….mine ya business. To my mutuals if y’all see me all in your comment section more than usual, that’s about as much effort I can put into interacting from my blog but in terms of sitting down and cranking out posts it’s really hard right now. 2020 has not been treating me nicely so far and I’m just really really tired. Like it’s not even just work and school or the blog I really don’t even have the energy to sit and even watch my favorite anime or regular tv. I’ve seen way more doctors than I would have liked to see this month and more appointments next month. My body is fed up and I am dealing with the consequences of not treating it right.

I hope to start back posting mid next month but it literally depends on how my health is going. Even though I won’t be posting I’ll probably work on some background things for the blog as well.

Well wishes to all and hopefully my body and mind can stop beating my ass! See y’all when I see y’all.


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