Blog updates, Redesign Fails, and New hobbies in Quarantine…

I know I’ve grown as a person bc it’s the way I can’t even be mad at this situation but this is still my internal mood right now

Nobody clock me please I know it’s been a while…..

Well it’s been an interesting past….three months? I know I know, where the heck have I been? In the house guys, I swear. I was actually working with my city schools, at emergency meal sites, until two weeks ago. Someone at the site got Covid, and I was forced to self quarantine. I was able to come back this week, but it’s also my last week working here, and then all sites shut down. I spent the past two weeks actually working on my YouTube channel. And this blog. The initial hope was for my blog to be moved from WordPress however, I ran into some issues.

Mainly, with the person I had hired to migrate my blog, as well as redesign it. This is not a post to bash them or their business. They’re an alumna of my institution and does indeed have, from what I seen, average work. I’m just not sure where the disconnect was, with my blog being redesigned. I just chalk it down to her not being able to navigate the new website builder, as well as never have redesigning an anime blog. I explained it in a twitter post here

We don’t hold grudges over here tho

I’m not angry at her. I’m upset only because of my mega delayed posting (and the fact that I can’t get a well deserved refund but that’s another issue) We all can see it’s been a while. I’m my number 1 fan for this blog. I cannot begin to express how much my blog means to me. I would never want to show y’all subpar work bc I’m not a subpar blogger (when it comes to writing, now posting y’all can clock me for that). The design and layout of my blog counts as well. I just wanted the new site to look how I imagined it. And what I was given does not reflect that.

New hobby?

I’m a very self sufficient person. I learned from high school on, to not heavily depend on people to do things for you. ESPECIALLY for something that’s important to you. I made that mistake. However it’s not a complete setback. I’ve still got my old blog in tact. I’m even teaching myself how to build websites through webflow. It’s tedious and time consuming. I am not a graphic designer, nor do I build websites on the daily. That’s not what I went to school for. However I was able to accomplish what I wanted, while the person I hired could not deliver these same things on their end. And for that, I’m really proud of myself! I can’t say for sure, when I’ll completely move from WP. I’m literally now building my new site, without the help of a person I paid lots of money to, to do. But slow and steady wins the race in this case I guess.

Weekend Blog Maintenance

Because I haven’t posted in months, and will resume using WP for now, there’s lots I need to update. While I have updated things on the system end, I seem to be missing specific pictures from posts. I’ll have it all updated by this weekend along with some new posts up. Some of the new posts will actually be old posts as I had already typed them. My hope was that my new blog would have been finished last month. That wasn’t the case. No sense in dwelling over it. Gotta charge it to the game chief.

How quarantine has been treating me

Not gonna lie, the last 14 days have been great. I’m an introvert and a homebody, so I have no issue staying inside. And besides worrying over if I had Covid, it couldn’t have gone any better. I was proud for not spending most of my time sleeping. I was either working on the new site, or writing. Or playing video games. Which by the way, I bought this Dead by Daylight game yesterday. I’ve been very entertained with it. I’ve even recently joined a group of girl gamers, and played fall guys with a couple of them.

Even though I knew I was Covid free, it was definitely hard to not go outside and head to the store for ice cream. But I wanted to be responsible.

August wrap up.

My full time has started back up. If you guys remember what I said I did full time in an older post, I’ve decided I want to do it again for another school year. Right now my work will be remote. I’m not sure how I’m gonna juggle everything. My time management is not very good. We all know this by now. But I’m determined to have a successful school year and to do my best in everything I do. Hobbies included.

I hope you guys are doing well during this pandemic. It feels like we’ve been at this for more than months. Be sure to take care of yourselves.



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