Junji Ito Collection

A collection of Junji Ito’s chilling stories and animated at that! Ever since I read Uzumaki, I have been interested and looking at more of Ito’s work. Still not sure about when Uzumaki will finally air on Toonami, so until then I will enjoy this collection that was released on Funimation. Note: Currently on Hiatus with watching this series. I will eventually finish it just not right now.

Junji Ito Col. Fashion Model/ The Long Dream

Iwasaki can’t get the image of a creepy model out of his head. Mami has an intense fear of dying and the grim reaper visiting her room at night isnt helping

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Junji Ito Col. Souichi’s Convenient Curse/Hell Doll Funeral

Souichi is an awkward young boy who enjoys placing curses on people. A couple must decide to lay their doll daughter to rest.

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