The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland tells the twisted story of some happy orphans who find out that the farm they live on is a farm in which humans are bred to be eaten by demons. From there they must escape, but what kind of world lies outside of the farm?

TPN Ch 153: Coward

Emma and Ray have finally reached Norman. Can the two convince him to stop his attack on the demons?

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TPN Ch 152: Its Time… Checkmate for Norman?

Queen Legravalima’s reign has finally reached a halt. We learn of her past, and rise to the throne. As well as her obsessive interest in Norman.

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TPN: Ch 151: Queen Legravalima met her match?

The battle rages on, as Queen Legravalima goes up against three former lambda experiments, Barbara, Cislo, and Zazie. Can she win against them?

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TPN Ch. 150: Queen Legravalima Prevails!

The battle between Queen Legravalima and Lord Giran come to a fast end nad we get a surprising plost twist! Who did you guys have your money on?

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TPN Ch. 149: Lord Giran & Queen Legravalima

Lord Giran has killed off each head of the 4 regent houses & is now getting ready to off Queen Legravalima. Also we look at the noble’s past before exile.

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