Comfort Anime I watch when I’m Sadge

First off, Happy New year! There’s been so much going on in my life per usual and my start to the new year has been…something. Usually around this time of year I get extremely sad. It’s probably the weather change, but I start having not so great thoughts and very little motivation to do much. I happened to be typing a paper on my laptop the other day when I looked down to see a sticker of Mitsuha from Your Name. And suddenly I had the idea to rewatch Your Name. I realize when I’m sad or feeling down, I like to watch anime that makes me feel good. Or makes me enjoy the wonders of life through that lens. So, I decided to share my go to comfort anime I watch when I’m feeling down.

1. Spirited Away

I remember as a kid watching Spirited Away and not even realizing it was a movie much less an anime movie. It’s so funny because as a kid for a while people would ask me “oh what’s your favorite movie?” and I’d explain the plot but never knew the name. When I was about ten years old the movie aired on Toonami and for some reason I just never caught the name. So, mind you I’d seen this movie like three times and never knew the name until I reached high school but that’s how long it stuck with me. I never forgot Chihiro, ever.

As a kid I thought it was such cool art because it looked so different from other cartoons (I had just been discovering anime) and here we had this little girl who gets sent to some spirit world because her parents ate food that wasn’t theirs. Top favorite movie of all time. During my first year in college as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I was homesick. Every other night I’d bundle up in my twin sized bed and watch Spirited Away. I feel like I identify with Chihiro in a lot of ways, which is why I enjoy the movie so much. I even have a Black Chihiro tattooed on one of my arms because I love her that much and could always see myself in her.

2. Your Name

Would be rude to not make Your Name number two. I still remember sophomore year in undergrad, being asked on a date to go see this movie. I thought “why would this guy ask my name?” not realizing that was the name of the movie! I can’t even remember where I was the first time I sat down to watch it, only that it became my second favorite anime movie. I really just love the storyline on top of the music and visuals. How cool would it be to technically be reincarnated into another body and jump through space and time? Still baffles me how they switched but it’s a mystery I’m okay with never solving.

Ironically enough, I prefer not to watch anime movies that involve drama and tears and worst of all…. blooming romance. But this was still pretty good, and I cried but I was okay with it. I have the entire soundtrack album in my Spotify and sometimes when I want a sense of nostalgia, I’ll just start playing the album. First view of Tokyo was probably a close first for favorite anime songs and yes when I actually visit Tokyo, I’ll be having that song play in my ears.

3. Hunter x Hunter

I can’t quite remember how I discovered Hunter x Hunter. I think a friend mentioned it was something like Naruto in the sense that this wild child had never grown up with a father. One day I sat down and watched a few episodes. I have this rule where if I can’t figure out a plot of an anime or it doesn’t catch my interest in 2-3 episodes, I’m not watching it. But that wasn’t the case with Hunter x Hunter. I love it so much that normally it’s the only anime I’ll watch on Netflix. It’s funny I pay my Netflix subscription only for the sake of watching this show.

It’s just something about watching a little boy run around doing all these trials for the sake of obtaining a status to see his deadbeat daddy (Ging I’ll never let you get away with being a bad father). It’s not even an underdog anime either which I’m a sucker for. I just love how happy Gon is, and I just love the power of friendship displayed in the series! Very happy that Togashi sensei is also well enough to resume the series once again as well!

4. Naruto Part 1

For ultimate nostalgia feels (and great openings and endings) I love rewatching Naruto part one. It’s mostly where we see this blonde-haired wild child doing all types of crazy things for the sake of attention. It’s so heartwarming to see how far Naruto and his friends have come. I also just really love seeing how far animation has progressed. It just feels good watching old things and thinking ‘wow I watched this as a kid on toonami’. I really wish I could go back to that feeling of watching it for the first time.

Also, I just love that kids these days still know who he is. I enjoy talking about Naruto in the workplace with my clients! I specifically wear Naruto shirts just to get their attention and I am known as the staff who watches anime. I’m positive I’m winning some sort of cool points with clients hehe. This is also another show where I have an entire Playlist of songs from the show. Bangers really.

These are hands down the anime I will rewatch over and over and never get tired. With the shows, I normally will start from a specific arc and binge watch. I just enjoy that intense feeling of happiness I get from watching shows/movies I love and I’m even more happy when I get to talk about them with other people who enjoy them as well. And they really help me get through funks. It’s really important to take care of yourself. If there’s a specific routine that you need in order to feel better, please do it. For me it’s playing a game or watching my favorite anime. What are your comfort anime shows or movies? Let me know! Until next post!