Demon Slayer: Mugen Train was literally so great

Ya know, seeing cool arcs you’ve read, get animated really does hit different. I’m really glad I decided to watch the new Demon Slayer movie, since I originally only read the manga. I can’t really remember ever finishing the anime (but I plan to watch the first season for real this time.)


Demon Slayer: Mugen train follows the infinity train arc, where we meet the flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku. Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke are to meet with the Hashira upon the infinity train. If my memory serves correct (it’s been a minute since finishing the manga), we do meet Kyojuro back at the demon slayer corps HQ. The trio finds the Hashira aboard a car and are surprised to see the effervescent man up close…and eating his face out no less.

I really enjoyed watching this part, and wished I could have actually replayed it! The music in this movie was phenomenal, and I enjoyed hearing the music leading up to our official intro to Rengoku. It was so witty and cute! Introductions are made, and Rengoku tries to convince Tanjiro to be his apprentice a few times, although Tanjiro isn’t much interested. Some time passes, and Tanjiro starts to notice a very putrid smell in the car he’s in. It’s dismissed, and the trio unknowingly ends up falling asleep. We learn that there’s a lower moon demon upon the train, who seems to have the ability to make people sleep, but live out their most desired dreams in their sleep as well. If anyone is unfamiliar or forgot, the upper and lower moon demons are in Muzan’s employ and are considered to be very strong demons. The upper moons being much stronger than lower moons, and thus way harder to kill.

So we take a peek into each person’s dream. Inosuke thinks he’s some vagabond leader, with Nezuko, Tanjiro and Zenitsu being his underlings. Zenitsu’s dream consists of him and Nezuko running around together…in love. And Tanjiro’s dream consists of him being with his family who is now alive, only Nezuko seems to be missing at first in his dream. Eventually Tanjiro realizes he’s dreaming, and figures out a scary way to wake himself up. He goes up against the lower moon, who notices that Tanjiro has built up a resistance against his abilities. Tanjiro beheads the demon, but learns that the lower moon has now fused himself with the train. The others wake up, with the exception of Zenitsu, and along with Nezuko must now defend the passengers on the train. Eventually everyone is saved but an upper moon named Akaza, comes onto the scene wanting to fight Rengoku. Akaza also wants to recruit Rengoku to become a demon. Rengoku declines the offer, and the two fight. After some time fighting, Akaza runs away as the sun starts rising, angering Tanjiro greatly. On his dying breath, Rengoku imparts some wisdom to Tanjiro about his Kagura breathing style. After his death, Tanjiro and the others grieve over Rengoku, while the other Hashira are also notified of the news and saddened.


I’m sooooo glad they didn’t change anything up in the movie. I think I have been scarred with TPN, and them deviating so far from the manga. I know the Demon Slayer anime adaption had been following the manga to a tee, but still I had my reservations. Some of the wording was slightly changed which was to be expected, but other than that it’s as if they followed the manga panels a hundred percent! I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy seeing Inosuke in action as well! Again, this is coming from someone who watched maybe a few episodes of the Demon Slayer anime. Seeing Inosuke and Tanjiro work together to behead the demon once and for all, was a thing of beauty. I never actually had a favorite character from Demon Slayer besides maybe Mitsuri, but Inouske is now running a very close second. Also seeing Akaza’s blood demon art animated was scary cool! A lot of the scenes, my reactions were not much when watching them. I had already cried over Rengoku’s death when I read it, so actually watching it, I was just like okay haha. When this movie first released, as a manga reader, it took a lot to not spoil it. I found it a little comical to see everyone so excited to watch Rengoku in action, and knowing the ending. But I’m not a monster, so I kept my mouth shut.

Should you watch?

I’d give the movie a 10/10, just based off the fact that it followed the manga. I’m also biased, because I loved the Demon Slayer story overall (besides the official ending). This wasn’t a movie that was filled with filler or anything, or deviated from the original story line. This arc is 15 chapters long, and for some reason, I half expected the arc to be cut short. I will say I was surprised to see they animated the full fight between Akaza and Rengoku. It kind of convinced me to maybe try out the second season whenever it airs. This was sorta like a transition arc, since before this, Tanjiro and the others had been doing training. I do like the entertainment district arc that comes next. Seeing the gang with Uzui animated will probably be a blast.

If you haven’t seen the new Demon Slayer movie, I definitely recommend watching it. I think it could be considered a standalone film. If you have never seen the anime, or read the manga, I do not think it would be all too hard to follow along with what’s going on in the movie. Like they’re just going to go help a strong guy fight some demons. That’s it. That’s the plot of the movie. I did enjoy seeing the movie with my twin brother as well, who has never read the manga. He likes to be surprised. Imagine his shock when I told him how many Hashira it takes just to beat one upper moon (hence why Rengoku didn’t make it.)

I hope everyone is still staying safe in these crazy times, and until next post!


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