Finally sat down and watched JJK

I finally caught up!

One thing I noticed before watching the show, is that a lot of people kept comparing it to Naruto. I guess that’s sorta understandable, but I did my best to give it a fair shot and reserve judgement. I started reading JJK a while back in October, but hadn’t made it very far. After catching up on the anime, I decided I could resume reading the manga. I hate waiting for things. And spoilers don’t scare me!

What do I think so far?

I think it’s a great show! I understand the plot mostly. And I really like Yuji, he seems like he’s got a good head on his shoulders. He’s not too annoying, and sure he’s got the hero complex thing going on. But, I like that he can recognize his limits, and admit “damn, maybe I might have overestimated my abilities.” I think we saw that in the episode where he went up against the special grade curse and it completely bodied him, to the point where he knew he had to bring out Sukuna. I think it kinda sucks he’s being used to track down all this man’s fingers just to eat them (gross) and then die. But I’m hoping the story doesn’t end like that, and he finds some way to live.

Is it really like Naruto???

I dont think so. I think a lot of die hard fans are a bit full of themselves. If you love an anime a lot, it’s not all too easy to not compare other shows to that anime. I literally would have never noticed any sort of similarities, had anitwt not pointed them out. Megumi having dark hair like Sasuke. Yuji having colored hair. Gojo sensei having a mask that covers his eyes, while Kakashi sensei has one that covers almost his whole face….and they both have white hair. But Gojo is literally nothing like Kakashi. He’s very outgoing, and cares for his students greatly. Doesn’t like the higher ups at all, and basically threatens to kill them repeatedly, with no remorse. Also he’s just so bubbly, I think its cute!

Even though he be tricking them I think its cute how he interacts with his students

Also that Sukuna guy absolutely hates Yuji? I know at least Kurama cared if Naruto died, because that’s his vessel. Sukuna is just like “go ahead, die and I’ll find a new vessel in the same day chief.” He really could care less what happens to Yuji. He’s just a means to a greater victory aka getting all his fingers so he can go wreak havoc.

And Kugisaki….absolutely nothing like Sakura. I know people harp on Sakura calling her useless, and maybe for the better part of part 1, she might have been. Kugisaki is quite literally crazy. But she doesn’t back down from a fight! I think the only thing I really dislike, is the fact that her weapon of choice is a hammer….and nails???? And some other stuff but seriously. Yuji has a curse inside him, and apparently is just naturally strong with quick fighting reflexes. Megumi has those shadow dogs and other animals he uses. And then poor Kugisaki has a hammer and nails. I dont very much like it, but she be putting in that work.

Things I don’t quite understand yet (spoilers maybe?)

I recently watched episode 15, and I’m kinda lost. Apparently Jujutsu tech has some of Sukuna’s fingers, but haven’t given them to Yuji to eat. I presume they plan to obtain all the fingers and have him eat them at once. Gojo wants to just feed them to Yuji right away, to gage how well his body can handle the curse. I don’t see whats the harm in just eating them as they go. But I guess, if he eats them all at once they can just go ahead and kill him, if he goes berserk or something.

Whats up with this other faction?

There’s a faction out to obtain Yuji’s body, so that they can make some kind of pact with Sukuna. Not really sure if I just wasn’t paying attention, but what exactly is the pact for???? Also, Sukuna doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy to agree to a pact that doesn’t benefit him. It is explained in the last episode that you can only make a pact with yourself.

This is a Miwa and Gojo ship account

I think Miwa is so cute fangirling over Gojo! I wonder how old she is? Also at the end when everyone is asked who their type is, Gojo says his type is like Miwa. I suppose because she’s really sweet! I appreciate the fact that she’s realistic in why she wants to be a Jujutsu sorcerer. Random, but in that moment she reminded me of Leorio, actively admitting she’s mostly doing it for the money.

Off to Read the Manga!

Personally I’m really liking the anime, but I think I might have missed some things, so I’m going to restart the manga sometime today. I wonder what’s the episode limit for the season. I think its at 15 now, so maybe they’re shooting for like 20-24 episodes, somewhere in that range hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Finally sat down and watched JJK

  1. I love the characters in JJK. Yuji is a lovable MC and gosh, I just love Sukuna. I also love Gojo and of course, my favourite is Mahito. I want to see more of Suguru Geto! He seems very mysterious.