Giving Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun a second chance

  1. Nene is super duper cute and even though I hate overly sensitive people, I’ll allow it.
  2. If someone said I had daikon legs, I would simply throw hands. Cuz clearly you want to fight.
  3. The English voice actor for Hanako-Kun voices Deku from MHA. So its like I’m watching Deku help a teenage girl fight spirits.
  4. Why he always got her cleaning things? Sounds a bit like slavery to me, ion like det.
  5. Why is she boy crazy, men are literally stupid.
  6. When I imagined Kou’s voice, I thought it would be high pitched since he’s younger than Nene. It’s…not.
  7. Why am I watching the dubbed version.
  8. Nene has a cool name.
  9. Idk, would y’all be friends with someone who was a murderer, or would it depend on the circumstances….Probably not though right?
  10. I should really catch up in the manga.
  11. Why is his hangout spot the girl’s bathroom? Seems very sus.
  12. What’s up with this 7 wonders business, what are they special attractions or something (yes…girl…they are)
  13. The ending is FIRE and I’ve replayed it multiple times.
  14. LOL she is such a hopeless romantic, it’s actually sickening oh my gosh?????
  15. Yes, I know I’m late watching this.
  16. Kou’s brother sucks and it cancels out his hotness, cuz why you so pressed to exorcise Hanako go find a new hobby baby.
  17. They most definitely did not animate some parts of the manga, and its upsetting me and my homegirls.
  18. Mokke’s are so cute!
  19. Imagine you putting your life on the line repeatedly for a ghost.
  20. How you from a family of exorcists and suck at the one thing you supposed to be good at, make it make sense.
  21. No cap if Nene falls in love with Hanako, I won’t even be surprised. They’d look cute.
  22. If Kou and Nene got together, they’d be cute.
  23. Whoever Nene ends up with, I ship it, okay. Find this girl some love because chile….my girl out here STARVING for it.
  24. Imagine someone saying your legs deadass look like turnips. TURNIPS.
  25. Kou is like the worst excorcist ever, hang it up baby and go find you a new hobby.
  26. How the show titled Hanako but Nene the main one we always seeing.

I’m only on episode 6…..but you know what, I still maintain it’s a cute show. I don’t know why I couldn’t get into it the first time around….oh well.


4 thoughts on “Giving Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun a second chance

  1. Just can't bring myself to do this one. I've got 6 kids and 8 grandkids, and I gotta tell you--I've never liked the look of anything that came [back] up out of a toilet.

    1. Yeah I'm really enjoying it now that I have given it a second chance! I'm a little bit further in the anime now, so my goal is to catch back up in the manga lol