Happy New Year!

It’s a New Decade baybeeee

It’s a new year, start of a new decade, new goals, and more importantly new anime woohoo!!! I know I’m hella behind on posting, but I’m working on catching up I swear. A lot of y’all do not know this about me, but I work a full-time job in AmeriCorps as a literacy tutor during the week. And a part-time job as an event server, on the weekends. In a couple of weeks, I will be starting my last semester of undergrad, going to school part time. Right now, between those two jobs, I’m literally either sleeping or eating. I have barely had time to even watch anime or read manga. When I do, I really just want to enjoy it in the moment, and not be thinking about the post that goes along with it.

Don’t get me wrong I really love writing. That was partially why I created my blog, but it can be time consuming. I also have a really wacky method of writing, when it comes to actually typing out some of these posts. Hence, why it’s time consuming for me. I’m still currently working on trying to get up scheduled posts (think smarter not harder). That way I can stop falling behind, and then uploading hella stuff in one sitting.

Thank Ya’ll!!!

Just wanted to thank anyone who decided to view my blog or visit one of my posts, it really means a lot to me, seriously. I really do celebrate my small victories. I could get one view on a post per day, and it still would make me ecstatic. Because that means one person, took time out of their day, to look briefly at something I wrote. Makes me feel good.

Blogging really isn’t as easy as I initially thought at first, especially when you’re doing something you actually enjoy and care about. You really don’t wanna half ass stuff ya know? And you have to make time for it. It may not look like it, but I’ve spent hours to days, fixing the smallest of things on this site. Some people wouldn’t even notice. It’s hard. I mean I’ve had some moments where I’ve even cried, because a sidebar or two was missing. Or I fucked up the code for something. Thankfully, Google and YouTube have been my saviors.

BlerdyOtaku 2020

I’m super excited for all the 2020 anime coming out thats new, as well as one’s that are getting new seasons. The past few weeks, I’ve been reading new horror manga, so I’m really excited to talk to y’all about those. I have a couple of other posts planned in my head, that are kinda related to my blog. I just need to take the time to write them out. But I think this year will be a great year for BlerdyOtaku! I’m manifesting more traffic and interaction in the later year.

For right now, I will not be very active on social media platforms , specifically twitter. I am taking a break from both my main and blog account. The only tweets that will be seen from my blog account, are one’s indicating a new post has been uploaded on my blog. Other than that, I will not be active. Hopefully I’ll use all the time that I would spend on twitter, doing more productive things, like working on my beloved blog.

I hope 2020 is good to all of us, and that everyone watches anime and read manga that will make them happy! Also remember not to tell anyone your resolutions, as you’re less likely to carry them out if you do 😊 Enjoy yawls new year!



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