I Finally Did It!!!

This will probably be the most random post I’ll EVER put on here but the dweeb in me truly jumped out because YALL

I know I look busted I had just finished eating dinner so chill on me pls


I just wanna thank all the people who helped me get this thing, most of all I wanna thank myself because wow I’m just so amazing. My twin brother is jealous because he didn’t get his, sorry to that man though. Also ya’ll should have seen my roommate’s face when she handed me the package, and I explained to her, why I was jumping up and down in our kitchen like a damn fool. I always enjoy explaining anime shows to non-anime watchers. She probably won’t watch it. But she’ll remember how happy I looked ripping open that paper. Anyway’s this is a reminder to watch (or rewatch) HxH. May Togashi sensei’s health get better so it can resume eventually 🥺 also it’s fuck Ging till we die over here.

I truly have never hated a character so much omg



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