I think I like reading about girls falling in love?

It’s been a pretty up and down weekend. I found myself sad lately, and I thought “hey, lets go to B&N and buy all the manga we want”. So over the course of two days, I found myself inside of the bookstore simply staring at manga titles. I’ve been collecting quite a few, and I just so happen to run across a title called “our teachers are dating.” I looked at the title and thought how cute. And when I looked at the picture, I realized it was two women on the cover page. Two women, who happen to be teachers are dating each other. I put the title back, deciding not to get it my first day in the bookstore. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with women dating. I simply prefer to stay away from romance anime and manga. I don’t want to root for couples. I don’t want to cry. And I definitely don’t want to find myself in the deep dives of Tumblr looking at fan-art of ships. Quite ironically, I find myself to be a cynical hopeless romantic at the same time. I literally love love! But I refuse to watch it or read it (to certain extents.) Yet on my second day in the bookstore, I saw that no one had bought the first volume of Our teachers are dating. So I said f*** it, and I bought the manga.

Quite unexpected

I rarely read any other genre of manga. I like horror, isekai and I like shounen. Bonus points if I can find titles that have at least two of those genres incorporated into it. I just really enjoy action adventures and being whisked to a new world, and deathmatches. Its fun to read, and even better to watch. I don’t think I’m the softest person per say, but I know my reactions to things that are…mushy…I guess. Now, I have literally never read a shoujo type manga, much less a yuri one. I’m sure those who are reading may know the difference between yuri and shoujo. But for those who don’t, yuri is a much more explicit version of shoujo that tends to focus not just on girlxgirl relationships, but the sexual aspect as well. Here I was thinking that I would be reading a harmless story about two women dating. Oh, but it was much more.

What’s it about?

I mean it’s pretty obvious. But a Phys ed teacher and a biology teacher who are both women, decide that they want to start dating. They call each other sensei (which is so cute) and tend to be quite quirky around each other in public. What’s even cuter is, everyone is in full support of them dating! I know we’ve progressed a lot as country with same sex marriage, but I do often wonder if this type of relationship would be welcomed in a work place setting such as a school. People can be so intolerant and rude. Although this is a fictional story, I know there are teachers who date in real life, but it seems to be sorta taboo almost. The whole dating your coworker…meh.

Anyways the two women have been dating for three months. Hayama-sensei is a tall, athletic woman who basically becomes very very awkward around the super bubbly biology teacher Terano sensei. The story mostly captures their interactions, and how they feel about each other. Towards the end of the first volume, the two ladies go on a little vacation and end up making love to each other for the first time. I wasnt expecting to read it but it wasnt dragged out, or rushed for the matter. Really good buildup and we even learn a few things about both women. Like Hayama has pretty much liked women her whole life, but has seemed to have a hard time expressing herself to them. Terano has a child-like nature that often causes her to be mistaken for a child. Both women have their own thing going on, but when they’re with each other, all is right in the world.

My thoughts

I’m not even going to hold you, a little bit of fangirl came out I’m not even gonna lie! I think they’re so cute! I think it’s really great that they have a good support system at work as well. I can only imagine what it would be like to try and hide your relationship to someone of the same sex. I have so many thoughts. Will they be together forever? Will they ever get into fights about things? Are they gonna get married? Are kids going to be in the picture? See, this is why I don’t be wanting to read romance stuff! I feel too invested now, and I hate feeling invested in couples, fictional or not. I just want good things for those women. B&N didn’t have the second volume on the shelf, but that’s not going to stop me!

I think this was a pretty nice introduction to Yuri–and maybe even shoujo for me. I don’t know if I’d be willing to try another series, but I’m willing to stick this one out. If they animate it, dare I say, I may scream (from joy).

If anyone reads yuri type manga or have read this series I would love to hear your thoughts! Everyone stay safe!

Till next post!


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