I’m Standing on a Million lives. First and Last.

Once again, I decide to be chaotic and try out this formula again, this time with I’m Standing on a Million Lives. I can’t remember when, but I actually found myself watching a clip on twitter from this show, and it seemed pretty comical. So, I went ahead and watched the first episode…and then I watched the last.

First Impressions (From the first episode)

  1. Nice opening.
  2. How come in every anime show that centers around school, they make you fill out a future plans form lol.
  3. Did not catch the MC’s name.
  4. He likes playing video games but hates school. Mood.
  5. He clearly has no friends.
  6. Seriously, what is his name.
  7. Very interesting that he was transported into a game while he was at school, versus being transported while playing the game or something, but I notice that this isn’t uncommon in these types of shows.
  8. Ummmmm so how the hell the other two girls get transported as well haha
  9. Game master is weird and has a half face.
  10. Oh, his name is Yuusuke.
  11. Blond hair shorty is kinda rude.
  13. Ah ,so you complete a quest, and then can go back to your home world.
  14. Cute background music.
  15. I hope he doesn’t sabotage them, just because he doesn’t like his real life. People will do that, ya know.
  16. Kusue is not very good with her role, but she’s adorable.
  17. That Goblin bodied my dude, his first day out.
  18. Not they can die for real, oh my.
  19. Cute ending, will be looking that up on YouTube.

Towards the end of the episode, Yuu and Kusue are attacked by a big ass monster. Yuusuke manages to save Kusue, and they head to the village. They learn their quest is to basically kill the troll that attacked them, the night before. Kusue is basically useless unfortunately. She’s not very good at her role, which is like a swordsman or something. So Yuusuke decides to go increase his rank, basically leaving her behind. The ending scene made me laugh, and the fact that he wants to stay instead of figuring out a way to leave, is interesting.

I normally enjoy isekai, however I’m not really a fan of the kind where the MC is transported into a video game, that’s like fantasy based. I always have preferred thriller type isekai. I’m all for a good death match in an unknown world. But this isn’t so bad, and I can see the comedic aspect coming through in the first episode. Now, on to the 12th episode.

Last Episode Thoughts…

  1. Major spoiler alert: they are not in a virtual world but rather, and alternate earth that branched off of the original earth’s timeline. Hm. Okay. I can take that explanation.
  2. So they were really killing real life people in the game…yikes
  3. Yuusuke was so excited to be stuck in the world the first episode, why he trippin because he killed someone in the game???
  4. What’s up with his penchant for hating people. Are all teens like this?
  5. This is the same opening right? Sometimes I really cannot tell the difference.
  6. Was he always good at sports? I know the first episode the teacher said he was good at running.
  7. I wander what Kusue’s illness is?
  8. Looks like they added a new person to their group, a classmate named Yuka
  9. This episode seems pretty dark 🙁
  10. He still hates this city lol.
  11. The game master can apparently appear in the real world.
  12. Yuuske wants out of the game.
  13. I wonder why the show is called I’m standing on a million lives?
  14. So there’s another new player..who’s an idiot thug.
  15. Yuusuke can use magic in the real world….
  16. He has very little value in human life….concerning.
  17. Love this ending ugh.

So from my understanding from the first episode, they need 10 people to somehow clear the game. What I don’t understand is, how they are 12 episodes in, and they only have about 4 people (5 now). Seems a little time consuming. Also, it seems as if you can complete quests in and out of the other world. Kusue has undergone some character development as well. She’s apparently less scary, which is noticeable by her mother.

The ending also ends with a sort of cliffhanger. I believe this concludes the first season as well. I also noticed in the ending credits, that there’s now 5 people and not 3 like there was in the first episode.


Doesn’t seem like it’s a bad show. Would I give it a chance? I’m not really sure, honestly. It’s bothering me that they only have half their posse (or squad, whatever you want to call it). For 12 episodes, I just would have thought more progress might have been made, but maybe the story isn’t meant to be rushed. I did like the first episode however. I can’t say when, but I might go back and watch it full out. Based off those two episodes I’d give a strong 7/10 right now, obviously because I haven’t seen it all yet. If anyone has seen the entire first season, did you enjoy it?


2 thoughts on “I’m Standing on a Million lives. First and Last.

  1. I agree that the pace is rather slow--something I pointed out when I reviewed the series. But you're guess is correct--there's a lot of character development and exploration going on. Subtlety is not this show's strong point, but it can be thought-provoking.