KnY Ch. 180 Recap/Review: Muzan’s Recovery

Giyu and Tanjiro are running through the dimensional forest, just as they get an announcement of Genya and Muichiro dying. Although upset, Tanjiro pushes forward, remembering that there is a 13th form of the Dance of the Fire God. He only knows the first 12, but still vows to take down Micha-I mean Muzan.

Kiriya Ubuyashiki, realizes they are too late, and that Muzan has revived himself. More demon slayers arrive to the scene, but Ubuyashiki tries to call them off. He wants them to wait, until more pillars reach Muzan.

This is presumably because, Muzan will be able to overpower them, and eat them in order to gain back his strength. The team of demon slayers make it to Muzan, but struggle to figure out a way to bring him down. They have also received the order to stand down. One Demon slayer disobeys this order, claiming they didn’t have time to wait for the pillars to arrive. Muzan leaps into the air and instantly kills the demon slayer who didn’t follow orders. He then slaughters the remaining demon slayers in the room.

A rather frustrated Ubuyashiki urges the other team of demon slayers, to wait until the pillars arrive. Otherwise, they are just food to Muzan. No one listens, and unfortunately, they are all killed by Muzan. Muzan thanks Ubuyashiki for [unintentionally] bringing him ‘food’. Muzan is unsure which child has succeeded the former head of the demon slayer corps, but calls them outstanding. He even offers to change them into a demon since he has lost some of his top players.

Ubuyashiki tries to get the second team of demon slayers to retreat, as he knows they will be eaten by Muzan. A recovering Muzan holds dying Tamayo-san in his hand taunting her about her medicine. The medicine seems to not have worked on Muzan. Side note*: so I guess we can assume it did not work on Nezuko either. Which is weird because I could have sworn when Tamayo-san first trapped Muzan, she said the medicine worked on the man she had taken in.

As Tamayo-san dies, she asks Muzan to give her back her husband and child, to which he tells her to die, and she shall see them. He then crushes her head, and sadly, Miss Tamayo dies. Yushirou, who had been accompanying a team of demon slayers in the fight, falls to the ground. At this point, we can assume, that he felt his mistresses’ death and was overwhelmed.

Muzan is killing more demon slayers as Ubuyashiki continues to tell them to retreat. He is getting upset, as Giyu is not where Muzan is. Kiriya is angry as the demon slayers are dying, and Muzan has recovered his strength, making Tamayo-san’s death meaningless.

Muzan then gains the resolve to completely wipe out the demon slayer corps, and the chapter ends.

Well, my theory is sorta correct. I was thinking Muzan would at least try to escape, maybe regain his strength. He’s already done that, and now he’s going to attempt to try and kill all the demon slayers, or at least the weak ones. I think Giyu is pretty strong, plus that stone pillar is alive still too. Muzan is definitely going to take some pillars with him, before he just lets them win a battle against him. I feel like it’s anyone’s game now. Muzan is certainly an obstinate demon.


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