KnY Ch. 181: Great Calamity Muzan. Review/Recap

Kiriya Ubuyashiki

Muzan has revived, and everything is basically going to chaos. Kiriya Ubuyashiki is in complete distress, as he realizes what is going on. He blames himself for the outcome of the events that have occured and the lives lost. Personally, I really don’t think he should be so hard on himself. His father just died, and he was thrust into a position of power, in order to carry on a legacy. Anyways, whilst Kiriya is thinking about his screwups, one of his sisters is calling out his name. In order to get his attention, she slaps him, really hard, and tells him to pull himself together because the battle isn’t over, and to give his next order. Well done little sis( I think she’s younger than him.)

Kiriya gets it together, and begins to send more reinforcements towards Muzan’s location. He wants the pillars and members all in one place to fight Muzan. More crows go around, and it is learned by the others that Muzan has revived, and that the pillars must gather at once.


My cute little Mitsuri, (my gemini queen) is shocked to learn of the news. Meanwhile Obanai, (Mitsuri’s unofficial bae yes I ship them I’m trash) ponders on what he’s been doing all this time, since so many have died. He deduces biwa demon lady and her technique isn’t lethal, but she’s great at cat and mouse games. Obanai is having a hard time defeating her because of this. Seriously how do you become a pillar? Anyways, Obanai is trying to figure out how to get out of the situation and get to where Kiriya has ordered the pillars. I’m not really sure what happens next, but Obanai grabs Mitsuri and dips, then the Biwa lady does something.

On the next page, Muzan stands atop a gruesome sight of dead bodies, and Giyu and Tanjirou have made it to him. Tanjirou begins to hyperventilate, as the dead bodies in the room are triggering images of his own dead family, and the dead pillars and genya. He begins to get extremely angry, and Giyu tells him to calm down.

Muzan starts talking to the pair about how persistent and boring they are. How they make him sick and that whenever they open their mouth, its to always talk about avenging a loved one. Muzan claims that if they survived, that should be enough. Right? Tanjirou and Giyu stare as the demon continues to talk. Muzan thinks Tanjirou should consider himself lucky he even survived, and to go back to how he was living life before. I don’t know, its kinda hard to go back to living my old life when I have almost no one to live it with…..because you slaughtered my family bro. Muzan is a tool.

Muzan explains to Tanjirou that getting killed by him, is the same as encountering a great calamity. A calamity such as earthquakes, or any type of natural disaster, takes lives all the time. Muzan’s reasoning is, you can’t get revenge on natural disasters for doing those things. So he’s comparing slaughtering human families to natural disasters….okay.

Muzan does not understand why the demon hunters can’t just live their lives as normal people, and earn their wages like the rest. He calls them deviants, and that he’s quite tired of them and will end all of this. Tanjirou tells Muzan that he is a demon that should not be allowed to exist. The chapter ends.

Will Muzan be finally defeated?

I really have no idea how this is going to turn out. But it’s starting to almost feel like our story is coming to an end. I still have so many questions. I feel like Muzan MAY escape, or they may kill him who knows. Hopefully they don’t all talk each other to death though. Anywho, on to the next chapter!


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