KnY Ch. 182: Yushiro’s Rage. Review/Recap

Tanjiro deduces that Muzan cannot be killed the regular way and that they must drag him out into the sun. Him and Giyu must survive the fight, in order to figure out a way to defeat him. The fight begins, and Muzan goes on the offense, his arms flying out like blades at the two demon slayers. Tanjiro, using his senses, breaks through the blades, preparing what looks like a frontal attack, towards Muzan. He manages to dodge another attack from Muzan, but gets his right eye sliced in the process. Lemme tell you now, I literally SCREAMED because woah! Giyu tells Tanjiro to basically keep a distance from Muzan, as his strength surpasses that of an upper moon.

Muzan deduces the two are trying to stall him, in order for the sun to come up. He reveals to them, the sun will not penetrate the fortress. Muzan taunts them, asking if they can manage to kill him, with only three pillars. We then find out that my gemini queen Miss Mitsuri Kanroji and her boo….is dead af. Moment of silence for my WIFE. I literally said I didn’t care if everyone died in this story as long as Mitsuri didn’t and look! So Biwa demon lady literally bodied them. I am upset. Anyways, on the next page we see my beautiful Mitsuri lying on the ground beaten and battered.

But Wait! Plot TWIST

Back to the battle that is still going on. The two are still dodging Muzan’s brutal attacks. Tanjiro tries to defend himself, by using his sense of smell. The attacks are so fast though, that he cannot keep up, and to make matters worse, he’s running out of breath. Down on his last leg (or breath rather) Tanjiro realizes he may be out of options. Low and fucking behold my QUEEN, THE GEMINI HERSELF, BUSTS ONTO THE SCENE BITCH.

Miss Kanroji actually manages to catch Muzan by surprise! HA! I’m sorry yall. I actually had to stop reading the chapter for almost 40 minutes because I thought she died! Mitsuri performs her breath style, which is mighty cute I must say. BUT has no effect on Muzan! Obanai is also on the scene, urging Tanjiro to leave. Tanjiro expresses his gratitude for seeing him, and my lovely Mitsuri. Muzan is confused on how the two pillars survived, and actually gets rather angry, calling out Biwa demon lady’s name. Who I now know is called Nakime.

Yushiro is mad as hell boi

Yushiro has managed to manipulate Nakime’s vision. I guess in doing so, it was believed that she managed to kill the two pillars, but it was an illusion. Because Muzan is also psychically linked to her, he believed them to be dead as well. Yushiro claims Muzan has committed a great sin of killing Tamayo-san and for that, he will destroy Muzan. As this is going on, Tanjiro notices that the fortress is bending. Then the chapter ends.

Gosh so many twists and turns! I just want Muzan to die already sheesh. I guess since Nakime controls the infinity fortress, because Yushiro is disorting her vision, its messing up the fortress in the process too. This is great! Nakime really has been a key part in this arc. Her fortress is what’s keeping Muzan safe. It goes down, then the demon will hopefully face the sunlight and the reign of Muzan will end! Yushiro is super intent on avenging Miss Tamayo and I really hope he’s able to. On to the next chapter!

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