KnY Ch.188 & 189 Recap and Thoughts

Ya’ll wanna know what’s funny? Me, because I’m a whole joke. Why I forget Shonen been snatching coins out my account, and I been really reading scanlations like an idiot? I truly, am indeed, a clown my gosh. I’m literally upset.

Another death? Really?

Anyways, this chapter highlights the backstory of Iguro Obanai, the snake pillar. We all know there’s only a few reasons why we would ever be learning a character’s backstory, in a time like this. Either Iguro is for sure about to die next, or he’s about to perform some wicked ultimate move…..and then die. Or get injured severely. Mitsuri is gravely injured in an attack from Muzan, and Iguro promptly tells some demon slayers nearby, to get her to Yushiro. He then rushes back to battle. But not before wishing that he and Mitsuri had met under normal circumstances. Even so, that would have been impossible, because his family is crazy as hell.

Origin Time!

Iguro’s family is made up of mostly women, who kept him locked in a cage, but treated him well. We later learn that they fawn over him so much, due to the fact that they a worshipped a demon who was half serpent. His family is wealthy as shit, because they sacrificed their children to the demon. In return, she provided them luxuries and riches. The demon had a particular interest in Iguro, because of his eyes. She was going to eat him, so he decided to run away. Unfortunately because he ran away the demon kills about 50 of his family members, to which he feels grief for. And thus, he decides to become a demon slayer.


Ugh, I know he thinks he’s a terrible person, but that’s kind of noble? But kind of sad. He ran away to save his life, and as a result his family was slaughtered. Now he risks his life, to save other families, and maybe even assuage the guilt he felt as a child. Also if my little ship for Mitsuri and him wasn’t about to set sail, it sure is now! They are just so cute?!? The guy gave her socks for crying out loud. Everyone knows if a boy gives you socks, he likes you [right?]

Also this is extremely random, but I have been thinking about how the mangaka has been sticking with this weird gender theme she’s got going on? Iguro’s family only ever gave birth to girls before him. In the Ubuyashiki family, sons are always cursed with some sort of illness. I wonder what’s up with that.

A Kitty Saves the Day! [Or night rather]

In the next chapter, Muzan is still kicking Hashira ass. Giyu is spacing out so badly, that Sanemi threatens him. The Hashira are almost on the brink of defeat, the poison weighing their bodies down. Suddenly, Tamayo-san’s cat appears in the middle of the fight, distracting everyone, including Muzan. On it’s body, are vials of liquid, that shoot out [I think, I didn’t have my glasses on, so it was hard to make out the panel.] Instantly, the liquid heals the Hashira, and their bodies are slightly revitalized. They continue fighting with new energy. Iguro decides it upon himself, he’s gotta do something big, to give everyone else a slight edge over Muzan.

I don’t know what this guy is about to do, but I feel like whatever it is, is resulting in his death. Nobody even asked him to do anything, so if he really does die, I will definitely be irritated. Is it bad I only want him alive for Mitsuri? Also crazy how a cat really might have saved their lives. Hope they have a good laugh about that when this is all over….if they all survive.


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