Let’s try something new?

It’s literally 5am and insomnia has won! By the time this is posted, I’ll probably either be asleep or doing homework. I know my last post was in May, with a life update so I will not be giving one of those. Instead, I’m here to talk about the blog. If you haven’t noticed, it got a slight* makeover. I dont know, sometimes I get these bursts of energy to do things! Now that I have more free time, it’s time to start actually investing in my hobbies again. The reason the blog got a new makeover is because *cue drumrolls*

I’ve decided I would like to open the blog up to guest posters woo woo!

Now before anyone gets excited I do want to go over some things. I have never let anyone post their own content on my site. Not because I’m weird, I just honestly never thought about it. I know most people guest post on other sites for exposure, or maybe just for fun. I’ve only ever guest posted on one other site. Everytime I’d go and see my posts I’d just get this immense sense of pride. Like wow, you liked my stuff enough to put it on your blog? I don’t know it just feels good! And I want to offer that feeling to another writer!

Guys I’m poor

I want to mention this is free! I can only pay you in compliments and internet hugs! Anyone expecting me to pay them to post their content on here, good luck Charlie. This blog is a simple hobby. I think most people know well enough by now that I don’t make a dime from running this blog. I’ve put more money into this blog than I’ve ever gotten out of it. I don’t use it for “clout”, or “exposure”, hell my friends advertise my blog more than me. It’s a hobby I like to do that makes me happy. So if you’re expecting money for posting your content on here as a guest, I’ll have to respectfully ask you to stop reading now, all jokes aside.

For those who may be interested!

If you enjoy writing about or are getting started on writing about anime/manga, then this post is for you! I’ve decided that for the next month (maybe–it really depends on if people send me things) it will be a guest posting month. In the efforts of getting the blog back active, I essentially would like to upload a post each week, which means I need about 4 guest posters right now. Again, you do not have to have writing experience (if you’ve read my posts on here you can tell I have like 0 background in formally writing things). Obviously basic grammer is common sense, but I’m never going to insult anyone who doesnt have an educational background in writing. If you do, great!

Guidelines before submission

I would strongly prefer if the post submission was anime/manga related. It can be a show review, episode/arc analysis, podcast review, random anime topic, music lists, etc. Really anything you want to talk about as long as it’s in the realm of anime or manga preferrably.

I really want to reiterate I have never done this before. If you choose to submit your work to my blog, it’s obviously your work, and I would never claim it. At any time if you wish for your content to be removed from the blog you can contact me and I will do so immediately. Any content submitted MUST be your original work, meaning you wrote it with your own fingers. I do not want my blog’s name attached to plagarism (self plagarsim will not be accepted either–sorry!) Again this is NOT paid. You WILL have to sign an agreement (prior to publishing) confirming that you submitted your content to this site with the acknowledgement that you were not and will not be getting paid to do so. Again, my blog does not run ads and never will.

Now that the tough stuff is outta the way

If anyone is interested in guest posting on the blog you can fill out the form below. I think at least for the next 2 weeks I will keep the form up. I need your name, an email, and twitter name. In the message let me know if you are interested in submitting a post as a guest and what you’d like to submit. I hate to say it’s basically a pitch but it’s not– just tell me the topic. Upon signing the agreement (which in that I will also state that I am not out to steal your work), you will then send the submission afterwards. Please do NOT send me the submission in your inquiry about guest posting on the site. I will draft up the agreement to be signed by both parties before anything is published on the site.

If anyone has any questions they’d like to ask about guest posting like post length, or SEO related things (listen I know like 50 percent about SEO stuff) you can shoot me an email at blerdyotaku@gmail.com or DM me on twitter @BlerdyOtaku.

I hope to at least get 2 people but 4 would be super neat! Sometimes I hate putting myself out there at the fear of rejection but you also never know unless you try, so here’s to me trying! Bye guys!


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