Life Updates

I know, I know its been a while! I have neglected my beloved blog BUT with good reason! Here’s a few life updates if anyone actually cares or is just nosy.

Grad school is beating my ass ☺️

In case you guys don’t follow my personal twitter or haven’t seen me complaining on the blog twitter, I recently started graduate school in January. I am in an online traditional Master’s of Social work program specializing in direct practice with children, youth, and families. I have also completed my first semester and am now going into my second semester, which started this month. From the lack of blog posts, its evidently clear that I have not had time to write anything unless it is for school.

Even though my program is all online, I’m realizing grad school is not and has not been very easy. Couple that with my full time job and we find I have very little time to do anything. Did I mention I started a part time internship for my grad program this summer as well? My work days for the last 5 months has consisted of literally going to work, and then attending class at night. Or doing my asynchronous work for class. I hate to say that I’ve rarely had time to do what I want. On the weekends, I’m sleeping all day and dreading Monday. It’s not been very fun. With a now part time internship I reckon I’ll be tired even more but I am determined to make the best of it!

Usually around this time I get very sad because of weather changes. I’m proud of myself for being able to hold down a full time job while also attending night classes with minimal problems. I’m very grateful that my job is understanding of me being in school and even willing to be flexible with my work hours. I think if school and work wasn’t working out for me, I’d be more stressed than I am now.

What’s going on with the blog?

I know I said the blog wasn’t going on a hiatus. Clearly, I underestimated the time and effort I’d have to put into school as well as juggling work and now an internship. I hate that I haven’t been able to write anything, or watch any new anime, but truth is I’m tired. Now that I’ve made it through the first 5 months of school, I’m starting to kind of get a feel for when I’ll have time for things. Weekends are truly my best bet. I’m hoping this weekend I find the energy and motivation to write something, or at least start a new show on my list. I don’t want to push myself to put anything out. Its not fun forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do. I hope to eventually get back to posting twice a month, but I can only do so much right now as I have very limited free time. And that time is used for sleeping, eating, and school work. I’ll get it together eventually I hope.

Switching back to digital manga?

I’ve decided to switch back to digital manga for now which is laughable because it’s me we’re talking about. But due to my current living situation, I don’t want to buy physical manga and have no place to store them. I’d rather have access to them digitally on my iPad that way they’re at least everywhere I go. Eventually one day I’ll move back to physical, but I’m content with reading digital manga for now.

How have I been mentally?

Not gonna lie 6 months ago before even starting grad school I was in a bad place mentally. I had very dark thoughts and I honestly didn’t think I’d make it to see the next day sometimes. Even last month I was having these terrible thoughts and anxiety. I went to see a new primary care doctor not too long ago, and told her my concerns. Thankfully she didn’t push anything on me and let me make my own choices regarding how I wanted to deal with my depression and anxiety. I’ve never taken antidepressants before, and honestly I used to be scared to rely on a medicine to stabilize my mood. Still, I decided to give it shot, and obviously if this doesn’t work then we try something else.

The Blackwashing post

I have decided to close the comments and pingbacks on the black-washing post. I am no longer willing to proceed in discourse over the topic especially to keyboard thugs attempting to try and disrespect me. I’ve had to delete too many rude and quite nasty comments that were submitted for modding. Some that I only showed my close friends because I’m never going to let any troll think they got to me publicly. If anyone wishes to engage in a respectful conversation about the topic then you are welcome to dm me on my blog twitter. However if anyone decides to come at me crazy over the topic and call me names via twitter be prepared to get that same energy back. I honestly said what I said and I’m not taking anything I said on that post back. Stay mad.

What now?

That’s really the gist of my life right now. I’m basically always busy hence why I haven’t had time to do anything blog related. For a while a wasn’t even playing video games and Ive taken an indefinite stream hiatus. But I’ve been trying to pencil in small times where I can do something fun. I’ve been going to the movies a lot and I even managed to hang out with a grad school friend who’s in my program. I think it’s really important to take care of myself and make sure I’m setting boundaries and not just committing myself to doing things that are necessary but no fun. Obviously in the long run school will have been worth it but I don’t want to be miserable for the next two and half years. So my goals for this summer are to make the time to enjoy things. That’s what’s really important to me.

Anyways until next post! Stay safe everyone!


One thought on “Life Updates”

  1. Take time to reset each day through meditation. Just quiet your mind and when it does stir (which I know it will haha) don't identify with those thoughts or just laugh em off. Other than that, Looking forward to more blog posts when you have the time! Have a great weekend and Stay motivated!! God doesn't give you anything you can't handle and I know you so you can handle anything thrown your way! Loveeee You!