TPN Ch. 149: Lord Giran & Queen Legravalima

Lord Giran Shall be King!

Alright, well after putting it off for some time, I mustered up the courage to catch up on The Promised Neverland, and watching(reading) Lord Giran and Queen Legravalima go at it had me shoook!

Norman has started his attack on the imperial city, and he leaves Lord Giran and his clan to exact revenge upon the royal family and nobles. This chapter mainly focuses on Lord Giran, a former noble who has slaughtered the current noble heads, and is getting ready to kill Duke Yverk and Queen Legravalima. We also look at Lord Giran’s past, and how he came to muster up so much hatred for the queen, and other nobles.

Lord Giran’s Past

So right at this moment, Lord Giran has killed off four regent house heads, proceeding to take the throne. Side note, I really like Giran’s backstory, and I’m glad we get to read about it. Multiple times throughout this manga, I have actually found myself sorta sympathizing for some of these demons. Giran really seems as if he cared for the people, and the other nobles were basically just selfish assholes.

If you guys are unaware of how Lord Giran was exiled, basically he was framed for treason, and by his right hand man, to add insult to injury. The nobles and the queen knew that it was a setup, and still decided to exile Lord Giran and his clan.

They saw his kindness as a weakness, and thus not fit to be a noble. So I don’t feel bad he killed them for revenge. I know most demons in the story aren’t “good” per-say (I mean they do be eating humans), but I would lump Lord Giran in there with Mujika and Sonju, even though he plans to cross Norman’s psycho ass.

Bow Down Bitches: Queen Legravalima is that gworl

Queen Legravalima is QUITE the demon queen! I would love to read more about her background, and how she ascended the thrown. All we really know right now is that she is Leuvis’s sister, and she’s apart of the royal family. I’m not even surprised of the family relation, Leuvis was pretty scary in Goldy pond. What does surprise me at a little, is her ability to fight so well, considering a person of her stature. You know, most queens have guards and what not, and I was fully expecting them to come to her aid. When she starts killing Lord Giran’s men, thats when I knew a bad bitch had been put in front of me! Queen Legravalima sat back for a moment watching the chaos ensue and then was finally like

I feel like of course her being the sister of Leuvis, for sure she is definitely one to be feared. But to see her actually hold her own, I was like okay this a bad bitch DESPITE her being evil. The end of the chapter we see one of Giran’s men actually sacrifice himself in order to kill the queen. Strapped to him are a bunch of explosives, and the demon’s dying words are “long live King Giran!”

Did the queen die?

I find it really hard to believe that Queen Legravalima is going to die from explosives. She seems like she’s really strong enough to withstand such a blast. Plus demons have regenerative properties don’t they? I’m assuming that if it’s not fatal enough, she’ll heal fast. But also we don’t know how old she is, and age seems to play a role in how quick a demon heals in this world. I hate that we got a cliffhanger because it’s like, did she die or was it simply just a diversion to get up close to kill her?

Will Lord Giran win against Queen Legravalima?

I’m being super flip-flopish, but I REALLY don’t want the queen to die just yet! There’s so much more I want to know about her! I wanna know how she became queen of the demon world, her backstory, relation to the demon king, all the tea. I rarely like antagonists, but in a weird twisted way, I’m rooting for Queen Legravalima. Like yeah, it really sucks how she sanctioned Giran’s exile, and she clearly is a ruthless demon, but I am not ready for her story to end. And she’s clearly an important character.

On the other hand, Lord Giren has been THROUGH it! He’s proven how strong his clan is by literally killing four of the head regent houses. They’re certainly smart enough to overthrow the royals as well, because I never expected the explosives honestly. I have to hand it to Giran, he had this planned to a tee! He knew the capabilities of his opponents and planned accordingly. So for that, I’m like you know what, if Giran actually were to beat her and Yverk, hats off.

What’s up with this Yverk Demon?

Speaking of Yverk, he’s a quite interesting demon I would like to learn more about as well. We see him at the beginning of the manga (and the anime), but we don’t actually learn of his role till now. He is the last regent house head standing, as Lord Giran makes his play against the queen. Giran deduces that if they can kill Yverk, the queen will surely be in trouble.

It makes me wonder just how important Yverk is? If he dies why is that so bad for the queen? Yverk certainly holds a great respect for the queen, and even reprimands a fellow house head for not standing when she enters. From this chapter, we learn he is the longest standing head, having been around before Legravalima herself, had even become queen. He quickly assesses the strength of Lord Giran’s clan, and realizes they possess great power despite their past.

The queen has Yverk stand down, before she starts to slice and dice some of Giran’s men. I can only assume she had him stand down so that she could show off her own strength, but I do find it a bit odd. Giran deduced that if they killed Yverk, they could get to the queen. However in the next instant, they decide to kill Legravalima first, and deal with Yverk later. But also, queens don’t get their hands dirty right? If Yverk is strong like I think he is, I wonder why the queen didn’t just let him handle her light work. Granted Giran did bring a lot of his men, the queen was able to put down a few of them. Surely Yverk could do the same, no problem.

Wrap Up

Giran and his men better hope they heavily injured the queen, otherwise I have a feeling they’ll die. Also, I wonder if Yverk will step in now that they’re resorting so such extreme measures to kill the queen. I know he’s not a bodyguard of any sort, but I sense that he has a desire to want to serve and protect the queen.

If you guys like this recap and read TPN manga lemme know your thoughts on the latest chapter! Now, I shall impatiently wait for this next chapter smh. Byeeeee

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