MHA S4 Ep.7: GO!!

*I just wanna say side note: I totally forgot to crop my pictures, I was kinda excited to just get the post up, so if you see some pictures with pictures inside of them (and you will see it) I’m very sorry!*

Work Study Secrets

Some days have passed since the meeting. The pro heroes are searching for Eri. Midoriya and the others are unable to say anything, about their work studies. Bakugo screams at them, to tell the class what they learned. But Midoriya, Kirishima, Tsu and Ochako, cannot say anything about the rescue mission. Aizawa tells Kirishima, Asui, and Ochako that their participation is strictly voluntary, with minimal involvement. They wouldn’t have been in the meeting if they couldn’t have been able to help. They agree to help anyways. It is believed that the Shie Hassaikai and the League of Villains are most likely not in cahoots, but we clearly know otherwise.

Izuku Overwhelmed

If the league does happen to make an appearance during the raid, the four 1-A students are immediately out of the rescue mission. Midoriya walks around still bothered. With everything going on, he feels overwhelmed. Todoroki and Ida notice Midoriya acting strange, but he cant say anything. Tenya offers his support. Izuku starts crying, freaking Tenya out. Shoto and Tenya offer their food to Izuku, to cheer him up. They’re such great friends.

The Call

The screen cuts to Rock Lock, and other pro heroes investigating areas that the Shie Hassaikai own buildings in. They have to proceed with caution while investigating. So far, they cannot find Eri. Mirio has been waiting on the call. As have the others. Two days and one night later, Midoriya gets a call, as does Kirishima, Tsu and Ochako. They found Eri pretty quickly! The big three gather, and Mirio and Midoriya make the promise to save her.

Hassaikai Headquarters

The pro heroes have deduced, that Eri is located in the headquarters of the Hassaikai. Their leader’s residence. They figured she was there, when they saw a member of the Hassaikai, buying a girl’s toy. Nighteye was there when it happened, and overhead the members conversation with the store clerk. Nighteye touched the man, activating his quirk, and saw into the man’s future. There he saw where Eri was located. They get a warrant to search the place. Mirio is now pumped to go save Eri.

Nighteye sees that Mirio has felt regret for not saving Eri at first, but because he held his ground back then, they can save her now. Nighteye confesses it’s not possible to change the future, but you can change the way the past has affected you. He tells Mirio to shine. Nighteye dispatches the heroes. Back at the headquarters, Chisaki learns, the police and heroes are coming. He goes to take care of something.

The Search Begins

At the police station, officers and pro heroes, gather for a quick briefing, trying to map a way to get to Eri. Intel on the Hassaikai members and their quirks are passed around, as they will all be apprehended. Midoriya notices Gran Torino missing, who will not be joining them. He is keeping an eye on the League of Villains activities. Eraser Head teams up with Nighteye agency, in order to watch Midoriya. He’s a great father figure as well. Love him. Also Fat Gum giving Amajiki swordfish to eat, in order to fight is peak uncle behavior. So thoughtful ugh!

The Raid

The heroes move out, and the raid on the Hassaikai soon commences. Chisaki goes to see his father, who is in the building, and tells him things are about to get noisy. Upon reading the warrant, they will commence the raid. Rock Lock seems to have an issue with the police chief giving orders, as if the pro heroes don’t know how to do their jobs. Thats right Rock Lock, fuck the police! Rock Lock deduces the members will try to disappear. An attack breaks out, and a member of the Hassaikai goes on the offense. Ryukyu’s agency takes care of the member, with Ochako, Tsu, and Nejire supporting. Everyone else heads inside. More Hassaikai members attack, as the others make their way to Eri. It’s a literal race against time to save the girl, before there’s a chance to move her, or worse.

I’m really glad this wasn’t drawn out at all. One thing I love about My Hero Academia, is that there’s rarely any fillers. They get straight to the point, and don’t waste episodes. We were left with a cliffhanger, and I’m sure the fight against Overhaul is going to take more than an episode or two, but I am excited to see it all play out, plus maybe see Eri’s quirk in action. Until next Saturday!