MHA S4 Ep1: The Scoop on U.A Class 1-A Recap/Review

Took me long enough, but I finally finished rewatching MHA. Shout out to Hulu for reminding me I hadn’t watched the last two episodes, from the third season. That Togata kid seems really interesting. Since I made the mistake of googling him, I have also learned that this kid was going to be the original inheritor of One for All. After watching that last episode from season three, I can’t say I’m all too surprised All Might was going to pick him first.

Also, I totally forgot that when I decided to rewatch MHA, I watched the dubbed version this time around. Since I had never heard it dubbed, imagine my surprise/stupidity in thinking this new season was also dubbed too 🙃

The new opening is really great! And of course just judging by the opening, we know the class is going to run into the League of Villains again, and that this Overhaul person plays an interesting role this season too. We also meet more new people!

This episode starts out with some journalists talking together to come up with a big “scoop” on All Might. They go over the video battle of All Might and All For One, and deduces what All Might’s after battle message really means. Who has the Symbol of Peace decided to pass the torch to next? Us watchers know it’s clearly Midoriya. But one journalist thinks its Togata at first, one of the big three. He is pretty strong, and even works for Sir Nighteye, a former sidekick of All Might.

Unfortunately, Sir Nighteye and All Might no longer work together. For what reason, we don’t know [yet]. The journalist then figures it has to be a student among class 1-A, who is the pro hero’s successor. So naturally, our developing young heroes are asked to do a feature for the newspaper.

Tokuda visiting class 1-A

Mr. Tokuda, the journalist, begins to observe the students inside their dorms, snapping occasional pictures of them. He also takes more pictures of them throughout the day. Tokuda has already eliminated some class members as the successor, and sets his eyes on Midoriya being the chosen one.

All Might comes to visit Midoriya after a hospital visit, bringing along food to share with the class. Midoriya praises All Might, and recounts all he’s done as as the number one pro hero. All Might tells young Midoriya again, that he and his classmates are next.

Tokuda and Midoriya sit and talk for awhile. The journalist tells Midoriya a story, of how All Might saved his father. The picture Tokuda took from that accident ended up in the newspaper. He wonders what will happen, now that the Symbol of Peace has been forcefully retired.

Tokuda tells Midoriya it’s his turn, and shows the teen a picture, he snapped of All Might and him talking earlier. Confused, Midoriya looks around, because he didn’t see Tokuda with a camera. We learn Tokuda has a quirk that allows him to produce lenses on his body, in order to take pictures. Quite a crafty quirk for a journalist, I must say. I can see why he’s so good at what he does!

Tokuda brings up All Might’s last words from the Kamino fight, and deduces the message was initially for Midoriya. He points out the similarities between All Might and Midoriya, which the kid struggles to deny. But this makes Tokuda happy, as he thinks Midoriya is acting like a real hero. The journalist admits he will not write an article claiming Deku as the successor of All Might, with no tangible evidence. He also apologizes, for coming to talk to the class under false pretenses. Tokuda expresses how much he had to make sure hope was not lost. With this, he states he can now proudly report, that even though the number one hero has retired, there is still hope.

Tokuda thanks Midoriya, and before he leaves, takes a picture with the boy. he tells midoriya he will cherish the photograph, and keep it inside his body, until he publishes a book about Midoriya. He even already has a title for the book claiming it will be called: “When the New Symbol of Peace Was Young.”

“When the New Symbol of Peace Was Young.”

Tokuda tells Midoriya to do his best, and leaves. Midoriya thinks about what Tokuda has said to him, and remembers the enormity of the gift bestowed upon him.

The next day, Tokuda is asked by the editor-in-chief, who All Might’s successor is. The journalist plays dumb, and offers the team a different scoop on All Might. Then the episode basically ends, with All Might catching some sort of cold and Aizawa-sensei telling the man not to get him sick.

The ending was nice to look at, but not as nice as the opening. I wonder who this little girl is? She seems to have an important role in the storyline for this season.

Overall this episode was okay. It was a pretty good kickoff for the season. Since I had literally just finished watching the third season before this episode, there really was no feeling of nostalgia. But, I’m sure for other watchers, there could have been. I’m really excited to see what this season is going to bring us. I’m still debating on whether or not I’m gonna go ahead and read the manga. I personally don’t mind spoilers, so I might just bite the bullet and do it. Anyways on to the next episode!



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