MHA S4 Ep2 Recap/Review:Bad guys Fight & Sir Nighteye

The League of Villians vs. Overhaul

Twice brings Overhaul to a secret hideout, where the members of the League of Villains are waiting. We learn that All for One has taken a keen interest in the man. Furthermore, we also learn that Overhaul is apart of the Yakuza. More specifically, the head of the Shie Hassaikai, a criminal group. The group of villains, asks Overhaul why he has chosen to meet with them. They ask if it is because of All mights retirement, but the man denies it. Instead, he brings up the loss of All for One. He talks of the emperor of darkness, and how the elders had reason to fear him. Overhaul points out that with the Symbol of Peace retired, and All For One imprisoned, who will be the new leader? Who will rule over those in the shadows and those in the sun?

Tomura, feeling insulted, asks Overhaul if he has come to challenge him, since he is the next leader. He expresses that with him gathering more troops, he shall get stronger and stronger and crush society. Overhaul asks him if he has a plan, to which Tomura is insulted again, (because he literally just told him his plan loool although it’s really not that solid.) Overhaul basically says Tomura is delusional to have a goal without a plan.

He asks Tomura about the details of this plan, and how he plans to organize and carry out the specific details. Overhaul mentions the strong villains Tomura has managed to lose (some of them dead af). He asks the zombie faced child, if he even understood how to use those villains as game pieces or not. He claims Tomura can’t even manage a small number of crazy people. So how the heck will he be successful at increasing his forces? Very valid Mr. Overhaul.

The Next Leader

Overhaul mentions he has a plan, but that he did not come to join the League of Villains. He needs money, and he needs the League of Villains name, to carry out his plan. He basically asks them to work for him, so that he may become the next leader. What a bold move I must say! Big sis Mag attacks Overhaul in a fit of anger. Before s/he can land a hit, I believe Overhaul scratches them (someone correct me if I’m wrong) and their body literally bursts, and blood rains down everywhere.

Compress attacks next, and manages to touch Overhaul, causing welts (or hives maybe) to raise on the man’s arms and face. Compress is shocked to see his quirk did not activate, and Overhaul takes the man’s left arm off. An associate of Overhaul jumps in front of him, as Shigaraki goes in to attack. Tomura touches the man, and his body starts to decay.

More of Overhaul’s associates bust onto the scene. Overhaul calls it a draw, and tells Tomura they will talk later. When everyone has cooled off. He tosses his business card and leaves. Tomura remembers wise words All For One said to him. And plots his revenge on the Shie Hassaikai.

Hero Studies

We now jump to our favorite hero class 1-A, as they learn more about hero studies! Aizawa-Sensei has told the students that the staff is voting against hero work studies. The students feign outrage. *Side note: why is Kaminari always playing with Ojiro’s tale? I think it’s so cute, but I think this is the second time I have noticed.*

Anyways, Aizawa-sensei explains the reasoning behind the decision, but then proceeds to tell the students that they will only be allowed to work with specific agencies. Agencies that have a good track record of accepting work study students. With that information, the students began to ponder on who they think will accept them for work study.

Sir Nighteye

Young Midoriya decides to ask All Might if he can introduce him to his old sidekick, Sir Nighteye. All Might refuses, to Midoriya’s shock. The retired hero does give the teen 3 reasons as to why he refuses. The first being, he opposed the work studies, because he doesn’t think the first years need to start them now. The second reason is, All Might wants Midoriya to keep working on his Shoot style before participating in work studies. The third reason is Sir Nighteye himself. All Might just doesn’t want to talk to the man! How selfish! I wonder what caused the rift between them.

Midoriya reminds All Might of what Kacchan told him about not losing. He tells All Might that since they have similar quirks, if he works for Sir Nighteye, he will be compared to the retired pro. Midoriya expresses his need to get stronger. All Might still refuses to introduce him to his former sidekick, and says that he can’t, but someone else can.

Enter! Mirio Togata!

One of our big three has been called to the office by All Might. All Might explains that young Togata, is currently doing his work study under Nighteye. He asks Togata if it would be possible, for Midoriya to work under Nighteye too. Togata deduces All Might wants him to introduce Midoriya, but asks why he is the middle man. He even goes as far as to say Nighteye would be happy to talk to All Might, as the man is always watching videos of the retired hero. All Might just says that he can’t face his former sidekick. Taking the attention off of him, All Might asks Togata what he thinks of Midoriya. Togata asks Midoriya, what kind of hero he wants to be.

Midoriya says he wants to save everyone with a smile—like All Might, but also, wants to be strong, so no one will worry about him. He wants to win, and always save everyone and be the greatest hero. With that declaration, Togata agrees to introduce the teen to Sir Nighteye.

All Might has a flashback, where he is talking to Principal Nezu about his successor. Nezu mentions Mirio Togata, whose grades aren’t special but still has a whole lot of presence. All Might would have chosen Togata to be his successor, had he not met Midoriya.

The Strict Hero

The weekend comes, and Shoto and Kacchan are off to their provisional licensing classes. Shoto tells Kacchan he’s lucky he’s still able to participate still, even after fighting with Midoriya. He also tells Bakugo, that they both need to catch up to their classmates. The angry ash blonde tells icy hot to shut up. The other students are off doing their own thing for the weekend.

Meanwhile, Togata and Midoriya have arrived at Sir Nighteye’s agency. Togata warns Midoriya that Nighteye is really strict, but this does not surprise him. Togata also tells Midoriya, that if he doesn’t want to get turned away, then he needs to make Nighteye laugh, at least once. Sir Nighteye is really big on humor, despite how he looks to outside appearances. And while Togata can only introduce the two, it will ultimately be Nighteye’s decision to use Midoriya or not.

We meet Sir Nighteye, who is listening as his sidekick recaps him with a report on recent events in the hero world. He stops her mid sentence, and tells her there is no future for a society with no energy or humor. His sidekick is flustered, as Nighteye makes his way towards her. Midoriya slams the door open, and Togata announces who he is. The next scene, we see is quite laughable, as Nighteye is using some sort of machine to tickle his sidekick. Confused, Midoriya stares in shock, but Togata explains that Bubble Girl could not make the hero laugh.

“I’m Izuku Midoriya”

Sir Nighteye turns his gaze onto Midoriya, which causes the teen to get intimidated. He remembers what Togata told him prior to entering the office, and attempts to do his best All Might impression. Midoriya has been practicing this impression for a while, but is nervous as he knows he is not good at making others laugh. He sure shocked Togata though. Sir Nighteye asks Midoriya if he is ridiculing All Might, much to the dismay of Midoriya. Togata is also shocked, as he realizes that Midoriya’s impression was not funny to the hero at all. And then the episode ends.

Sir Nighteye is giving me some mercurial undertones. We’ve got this guy who looks like a Japanese businessman, but is quite in fact a pro hero. Who looks uber serious and strict all the time, yet is very big on humor and laughing. Midoriya might have his work cut out with this guy. I wonder what the dynamic was when Nighteye and All Might worked together. Who made who laugh? Hopefully Midoriya can make this man laugh or he will be in a pickle with this work study thing. On to the next episode!