MHA S4 Ep3: Boy Meets… Recap/Review

I’m like hella behind which is why this post is up so late, but I decided to just go ahead and watch the simuldub thanks to Funimation. I did rewatch MHA dubbed but still, its such a surprise hearing their English voice actors. Anyways, Sir Nighteye is completely offended at Midoriya’s All Might impression. Going as far as to even point out specific features on the retired pro hero. Sir Nighteye seems like a diehard All Might fan. It’s so cute! Sir Nighteye tells him to get out, and Midoriya brings up an incident in which All might saved a small boy. The incident is the look that Midoriya chose to mimic.

The Contract

They talk a little further, as Mirio unties Bubble Girl. Sir Nighteye, tells Midoriya that he must work for him for some months, and that he may fall behind in his studies. Midoriya is basically like cool okay. However, Nighteye actually refuses to sign Midoriya’s contract, asking how Midoriya can contribute to the agency. Nighteye gives Midoriya 3 minutes to take the stamp seal from him, and stamp the contract himself. Although he’s not funny, Nighteye is willing to give him a chance. Mirio and Bubble Girl step outside, and the teen reveals to her, that Sir Nighteye asked for him personally, for his agency. Mirio is worried about Midoriya going up against Sir Nighteye. Back in the room, Sir Nighteye agrees to not go on the offense, giving Midoriya the opportunity to attack, however he may please.

3 Minutes

Midoriya knows about Nighteye’s quirk, but quickly deduces that he does not have time to strategize and goes in to attack the pro hero. Nighteye easily predicts his attacks, almost bored with Midoriya. Mirio, can tell Nighteye is serious, and a minute has already passed. Nighteye’s quirk is foresight. After touching a person, he can basically see that person’s choices they make, for the next hour. Nighteye calls Midoriya a mediocre, saying Mirio should have been given All Might’s power, confusing the young teen. Midoriya realizes, Mirio may have been chosen to receive One For All before him. He wonders why All Might didnt tell him. Nighteye taunts him further, and claims this was all a waste of time, and tells Midoriya that he cannot acknowledge him.

This empowers Midoriya to keep fighting and he goes plus ultra, claiming Nighteye WILL acknowledge him. Also, maybe I’m trippin’, but how has 3 minutes not already passed lol. He continues trying to snatch the seal from Nighteye, but to no avail. The hero tells Midoriya that he will most definitely lose. Midoriya remembers something important about Nighteye’s quirk, and tests a theory. He fails in getting the seal though. However, Nighteye notices the strategy Midoriya used in fighting him, and decides to take him on still!

Sir Nighteye admits, he was always going to take Midoriya, and just wanted to test him. He still tells Midoriya, that he is not worthy of All Might’s power. Nonetheless, Midoriya stamps his contract, and tells Nighteye he looks forward to working with him.

Class 1-A Work studies!

Back at the dorms, Deku tells his classmates he found a work study. Everyone is amazed he’s working with Nighteye. Todoroki points out the gap that is growing between him, Bakugo and Deku. They must catch up to him. Some of the students are unable to get work studies at the same places they did their internships. Mr. Aizawa shows up, explaining that it’s harder to get work studies, because this time around, there’s real risks involved in working alongside pro heroes. Tokoyami gets an invite for work study from the number three hero, Hawks, and he accepts. Two of the big three, summon Kirishima, Ochako and Tsu, for some possible help with work studies. It’s so cute the upperclassmen are helping them out! The three head to the third year dorms, to see what Nejire and Tamaki want with them.

The next day, Izuku starts his first day in work study with Nighteye, patrolling. Nighteye, talks of organized crime they’ve been monitoring, specifically the Shie Hassaikai. They know the head has met with the League of Villains but, not what for yet. Nighteye plans to tail them. The episode ends.


I’m really glad Midoriya got his work study with Nighteye, but the reasons behind it kinda suck . I couldn’t imagine someone letting me work for them, just to give me a hard time. All so that they could help me give up on my dream. Nighteye is pretty cynical. And I don’t like how he’s going so hard for Mirio to have been All Might’s choice. The boy seems fine in knowing that Izuku was chosen and not him, so what’s the big deal? Very excited to see what the other classmates get for their work studies. Even though he annoys me to no end, I wonder who will take on hotheaded Bakugo. Anyways on to the next!



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