MHA S4 Ep. 6: An Unpleasant Talk

The Meeting

Some of the students head off to their work studies. They all realize they are going to the same station. And eventually, headed to the same building. They make it inside, and see a bunch of pro heroes. We see a black hero, Rock Lock! Which I’m super excited to learn more about. I’m always happy when I see a black character in anime, as we don’t always see too many!

Everyone deduces why they’re there, and Nighteye begins the meeting. They’ve all been invited for a joint conference, on the intel for the Shie Hassaikai. Bubble Girl briefs everyone. With the intel they first believe, that the Shie Hassaikai was just expanding their ranks, until the group discovers, they met with the League of Villains. A picture of twice pops up, and the group sees the evidence of the fight that happened between the League and Chisaki. Gran Torino apologizes to Midoriya, saying he has a bad feeling things are gonna get ugly.

Illegal Drugs

Rock Lock asks why the UA students are at such an important meeting. Side note: I’m loving the voice for this role, and the fact that his voice actor is a black man is even better! Fat Gum stands up for them, and also introduces himself in the process. After the quick byplay, Nighteye continues on, saying the Shie Hassaikai’s main source of income, has to be coming from illegal drug sales. Due to Fatgum’s experience on illegal drug activity, it explains why him, Kirishima, and Amajiki are there at the meeting.

Fat Gum explains, the drug they encountered was one that could destroy quirks. Once the drug wears off though, a person’s quirk is able to activate again. Amajiki proves this by showing off a cow’s hoof in the meeting. The drug didn’t harm the rest of his body, only his quirk. The substance from the bullet contains human blood and cells.


Everyone is shook. The bullet had to have been made from a person’s quirk. One that could temporarily destroy other quirks. They all deduce Chisaki has made a bullet, that can break down quirks using his own quirk. Mirio and Midoriya quickly link Eri’s connection. Nighteye mentions Eri being Chisaki’s daughter, but that there are no records or details of her birth. Kirishima is lost at what’s going on still, much to Rock Lock’s annoyance. He then explains Chisaki is using Eri’s blood, to make the bullets, and sell them on the black market.

Nighteye thinks the bullets are still in the testing phase, and that Chisaki is distributing them, to rally allies. Rock Lock blames Midoriya and Mirio for not taking Eri from Chisaki, and Nighteye takes the blame for it. He knew they wanted to save the child. Both boys feel terrible that they couldn’t save Eri. They vow to get her next time, and protect her. Rock Lock points out, they need to be sure of where Eri is, before they just bust in and save her, as she is very valuable to the Hassaikai’s operation.

The investigation

Nighteye has the pro hero’s investigate specific areas that are known to them, which is why they are chosen to be at the meeting. Nighteye says they need to be meticulous and not rush. Aizawa asks, why Nighteye will not use his quirk on them. He tells them, that his quirk basically will only activate every 24 hours. Well that sucks. He can only do one person a day basically. He says the future gets played in his mind like flashback, and for an hour, he can see their life play out, as if it were a movie.

Sir Nighteye’s quirk

Theres limits on his abilities though. Aizawa still presses him on why he cant use it still. Nighteye basically asks, what if he saw someone’s death?Midoriya remembers what All Might said about Nighteye’s vision of him. Nighteye wants to use his quirk, only after he’s sure their plan can be carried out with no uncertainties. Rock Lock argues, that even if he did see someone’s death it would be a way, they could figure out how to survive.

Nighteye says it doesn’t work like, that as what he sees is possibly unavoidable (fate versus destiny thing my guys). Rock Lock is still dissatisfied with his answer, and tells Nighteye to use his quirk on him then. Nighteye refuses adamantly, and Rock Lock drops it. The heroes began to plan a rescue mission to save Eri.

A Vow

Midoriya feels bad about not saving Eri. Mirio is upset as well. Eraser head shows up, and tells the students he wanted to get 1A’s work study suspended, due to the League of Villains involvement. The teacher says Midoriya has not proven he can trust him again. Aizawa knows he cannot stop Midoriya so he will watch him, and tells the problem child, to use his head. Nejire and Amajiki try to cheer Mirio up, and Eraser head tells them to basically hold their heads up, because they’ve given Eri hope. And they make the resolve again, to save her the next time they see her.

All Might and Deku

Gran Torino and Nighteye are talking. He tells the old man that the reason Midoriya was sent to him by Torino, was to mend his relationship with All Might. Gran Torino does not deny, and ask his thoughts on Midoriya. Nighteye says the boy is similar to the retired symbol of peace in many ways. And that he couldn’t ever understand the madness he saw in All Might, that he sees in Midoriya as well.

I really wonder how this whole rescue mission is going to go down, and who exactly Nighteye will use his quirk on in this situation. Rock Lock seems super cool, although he has a little attitude, but you know what, its a dangerous mission, I’d be kinda mad that there were teens in such an important meeting too. But hopefully he’ll gain some respect for the UA students. On to the next!



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