My top 5 Favorite Anime of all time

Alright, so in the efforts to get to know me better, I decided to share my top five favorite anime. Since I naturally suck at explaining things, I’m going to give the best description possible for each show.

5. Mirai Nikki (2011)

Really lame high school kid, learns his phone can tell him his future. He enters a death match, in which the last person standing becomes the God of space and time. He sucks at the game, mostly because he doesn’t really want to play at first. It’s not until about halfway through the show, he actually gets serious about trying to win. The only reason he’s able to avoid getting killed by other players is due to his psychotic ass girlfriend, honestly. As crazy as she was, we love a yandere down to ride for her man, even if he is a pansy.

It’s a pretty good thriller anime, I’ve seen it quite a few times. Although, the ending still throws me for a loop. And it’s just plot twist after plot twist! Usually I’m really good at guessing endings and scenarios, but this show proved me wrong each time. The storyline is pretty progressive, although there are some moments where things move a little slow, but I didn’t mind. And while it could be considered a horror anime of sorts, there was plenty of comedic relief as well.

For the most part, I never pay attention to the art styles in anime. It’s just not important to me, so not much to say on that unfortunately. It’s pretty standard in my opinion. There is a lot of implications at sexual assault, and no trigger warnings. So if you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff, be cautious. There’s also nudity, but meh. It’s a favorite of mine, simply because I had never really seen an anime like this one before. I’m glad the story did pick up quickly too. Usually if I can’t figure out the storyline within at least 2-4 episodes, I’ll trash it.

Anyone who likes battle royal, last man standing, keep you guessing type anime, with a dark aspect, Future Diary is it. It’s dubbed and subbed, either version is fine. But I like the english voice actors for this show.

Future diary trailer if anyone who hasn’t seen is interested.

4. Ao no Exorcist (2011)

Rebel kid learns he’s the son of satan, decides to attend a school for exorcists, after his adoptive father (who ironically was a priest) is killed. Rin Okumura has demonic powers that can be unleashed with a special sword. Rin also has a twin brother that nobody likes. And by nobody, I mean me.

I actually do not like watching anime that’s based around the devil and exorcism and all that jazz. Not a bible thumping christian by any means, just never appealed to me. But I decided to watch this on a whim, and liked it so much that I began reading the manga. I didn’t even finish the last few episodes of the Kyoto saga because I read the manga. I think in some ways, I relate to Rin and maybe that’s why I like him so much. I’m not the spawn of satan (although my friends may say otherwise,) but I do have a twin brother too. Who happens to be way better at everything he does, just like Yukio (bleh.)

The fight scenes are pretty cool and not drawn out too much, which is nice. It’s dark fantasy, so lots of magic, lots of demons, ya know, fun stuff. Even some innocent romance thrown in there. And all the characters are so likable (besides Yukio, I don’t like him.) If you’re into the common trope of a kid who everyone thinks is trouble, but learns to respect, this anime is a great watch.


3. Assassination Classroom (2015)

Ugh the heartache I feel, every time I think about this anime being over and never returning! I was pretty skeptical at first. The description of kids trying to kill their teacher sounded so boring, but I rode it out, and I’m so glad I did! I won’t give away the very obvious ending, but just know it made me sad, and yes, I paused that episode to cry. I also learned the manga was concluded as well, which broke my heart, but the storyline was finished unfortunately. What can you do?

I think my favorite thing about this show was the mystery aspect of it. Towards the end we learn more things about class 3-E and Koro-Sensei. There are a few minor plot twists, I wasn’t prepared for. I wouldn’t say it’s super action packed but towards the end things do start getting a little wild.

If you like shows about underdogs, and inspiring teachers, this is a pretty great one! Also the seasons are pretty short (about 22ish episodes) you can pretty much knock the episodes out in no time. There is a dubbed and subbed version, although I have never watched the dubbed version. There’s also a animated “movie” (and two live action films) but I honestly had no idea, so I’ll probably watch it just to take a trip down memory lane…

lol this is the dubbed trailer but meh

2. HunterxHunter (2011)

LOOK at my kids ugh

*tears in my voice* you can fly awayyyyyy! I have never felt a love so strong for a fictional child. HunterxHunter tells the story of a preteen, who aspires to be like his aint shit daddy, a hunter. Along the way he meets various people, some who are also trying to become hunters, as well as people who know his father. I enjoyed every arc with this anime (especially greed island and chimera ant arc) and I just love my little Gon and Killua.

I did watch the 2011 version due to the animation, just looks cleaner compared to the older version for obvious reasons. It’s really just down to personal preference though. I do believe that in the 2011 version some episodes might be a little different, but don’t quote me on that, especially considering I never watched the older version. I do want to read the manga, I know the anime ended, but the manga is still ongoing. Hopefully, Togashi is doing well, and eventually this hiatus can come to an end.

best boy right here

1. Naruto (Part 1 and 2)

this kid really followed his dream mayne

Maybe it’s cheating, but I consider both parts just one whole anime lool (fight me I really don’t care.) Literally love Naruto, it was the first anime show I ever watched, so maybe I’m biased. I think what I liked most about anime, was that although the show was about Naruto, we got to learn more about his friends, and the people around him. And it wasn’t just random facts, I mean we learned in depth things about all the characters. I loved watching their backstories.

I enjoyed watching all the fillers, even though they had nothing to do with the storyline most of the time. Never read the manga, because that shit is too long.

It’s still really exciting though, when I learn people are watching it for the first time. I don’t think it’s hyped up like people think it is. It is a rather long anime, so if you wish to skip the fillers go for it, but also the fight scenes are hella drawn out, so watch at your own risk.

Again it’s shounen, and it’s also got an underdog aspect, will make you cry for sure, and honestly will teach you very valuable lessons about life, friendship and overcoming obstacles. I honestly was so sad when I thought it would end, and then Kishimoto-Sensei blessed us with Boruto. And while I’m not super thrilled to be watching a show about that kid, I love Narudad and will watch for the adults (fuck them kids, except for my lovely ChouChou and Sarada)

leaf village really some fake ass mofos for treating my mans the way they did at first

That concludes my top five. I do have more favorites, but these ones specifically, are one’s that I would actually sit down, and watch every episode again. In fact, as much as I should be starting this new anime on my list, my heart is saying “binge watch Hunter x Hunter again.” Let me know what your top five favorites are!



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