Our Teachers are MARRIED?!?

Alright guys I finally did it. I read the final volume of Our Teachers are Dating! Seriously trying not to cry right now. I put off reading the last volume mostly because I really did not want this story to end. I feel like that’s a bad habit of mine, purposely delaying finishing anime or concluded manga. Everyone knows that feeling you get when you finish something good and you’re like “okay what now?” Will I ever find yuri as good as this one, I truly don’t know.

I literally screecehed yall

A Very Quick Recap

Not going to do a major recap but Hayama and Terano chan are now married! And have been in marital bliss for two years now! The couple even spend their time now giving relationship advice to the students at their school which was so adorable. No kids but they did move to a new home. Hayama was the one to propose (no shocker there) and both their families gave their blessings which is also great! I’ve never been in a same sex relationship (or a hetero one for that matter) but I can only imagine the stress in your family not supporting your future union, so I’m really glad Asuka and Saki had that support. It’s so cute how the school even tells the story of them two falling in love. I really love the fact that throughtout this entire story both women had a tremendous amount of support.

Brief Thoughts on The Series

Because this was more slice of life, I cant say much on plot progression. They were like a regular couple. They dated, moved in together, had crazy off the chart sex and then got married. There really wasn’t much of a slow burn because they jumped straight into things. But I dont feel like it was rushed either. Four volumes was a fair amount of volumes to wrap up this love story. Truly the plot was just two cute women falling in love with each other and navigating very intense (but a good intense) feelings for each other. I do wish more aspects of their lives had been disclosed. But it was nice to learn about their family backgrounds.

Saki’s father was no longer in her life but she had the reassurance of her mother and sister that she had made the right decision in planning to marry Asuka. Asuka’s parents on the other hand, were very strict expecting her to marry someone rich and of high social status. I don’t think it all mattered that she was in love with a woman. Both her parents do eventually see that their daughter is quite happy and give their blessing for the marriage. Maybe I like drama, because I sure wanted them to oppose a little more than they did at first.

They Reeled Me In

Overall I actually am happy that this was just a fluffy yuri about two women falling in love. I really like the representation of lesbian relationships the author displayed throughout the story. I don’t think I ever even thought to read about girls love in young adulthood. I’m glad they briefly showed these relationships in different ages and stages of life. I also think it’s neat the author managed to snag a girlfriend from writing the series as well. The series had the right amount of drama and comedy. I am sad to see that the series has now ended, but I suppose that’s as far as the author wanted their story to go. I like happy ever afters and it was nice to see two deserving women get their own.

I’m getting like super duper sappy but man I just love love in all capacities its sickening. I give this series a 5 star rating because its the first Yuri I’ve ever read and maybe I’m biased but I don’t care. Obviously if you like reading about girls falling in love then this story is perfect. There’s really no major bad things that happen in the story. The only thing I am sad about is it ending but that’s probably a personal problem. A plus to the author and congrats on convincing this cynical hopless romantic that they can indeed read yuri and not be repulsed (I’m a player hater when it comes to couples in love)

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