R-A-G: Ex-Girlfriend and Girlfriend Review/Recap


Kazuya gets a visit from his grandmother who wants to see him and Chizuru….Did I mention they live right next to each other and go to the same school, it’s literally fate at this point! How weird is it, that he literally rented her out, and she was living right next to him, wow! Life is strange. Anyways, they strike up an agreement, where Chizuru will agree to spend one hour a week with Kazuya, to visit his grandma to keep up the lie. Thus, being roped back into his shenanigans.

One day after leaving the hospital, the two run into Kazuya’s friends, and end up going out for drinks, much to Chizuru’s dismay. They run into Mami, Kazuya’s ex. All seems well, until Mami decides to embarrass Kazuya by revealing to the group, he has a penchant for sex (even though, he is a virgin). Kazuya is too embarrassed to say anything, so Chizuru speaks up defending him, and also demanding why he will not say anything about Mami’s actions. Kazuya actually defends Mami, and Chizuru leaves. The episode ends with Mami inviting Kazuya back to her place.


Mami is a bitch. Also just side note: A week or so ago (I actually don’t remember the time frame), the english voice actor was announced for Mami and was sent lots a negative comments because her character is an antagonist. I really wish people would learn to separate voice actors, from the characters they are voicing. Seriously grow up. It’s not nice. And I’m sure she worked very hard to get that role. It kind of sucks for literal strangers to be sending her death threats over a fictional character’s actions. We should all strive to be kind people. Now, back to Mami. I don’t like her and I don’t like how she embarrassed Kazuya, just to invite him back to her place. Girl if you wanted him back then just say that….but you didn’t have to embarrass him in front of your friend group.

Chizuru the…Tsundere???

Is Chizuru considered a tsundere bc she’s giving me those vibes lowkey. She’s kinda mean. I want her to beat Mami’s ass secretly. Also, why is she keeping her job a secret? I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of, especially in your early 20’s, and this isn’t high school. It’s not like she’ll get kicked out of school if she’s caught, or lose her allowance or something. And I honestly don’t think what she’s doing is illegal? I wonder how large their college is. Also the way she turns her girlfriend mode on like its a switch literally cracks me up, she’s really great at her job!

It’s amazing how glasses really do change your cute factor. Because Kazuya’s friends definitely clowned the shit out of Chizuru on campus, but when they saw her off campus in girlfriend mode, it was a different story. I relate all too well….

Kazuya and his lies….

I know I said I thought Kazuya was a good guy, but these lies are getting extensive! Everyone knows when you tell one lie, you have to tell five more just to get out of the first one. He is digging some deep holes for poor Chizuru. I don’t know if I could be with a liar or a liar who couldn’t stand up for themselves. Could y’all? Well, on to the next episode!

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