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Disclaimer: who actually reads these lmaooo if theres typos in this post, I swear I’m not dumb, I took some sleeping pills, and by the time I actually post this them joints will be kicking in.

My spring semester has officially started! Probably wasnt the best idea for me to miss class today (considering I only have classes once a week) but you know what? We’re gonna be better people next week.

Check in: I hope all you students are doing well mentally and physically. Even if you are not in school, hopefully you are treating your body well and being nice to yourself. Although I am only a part time student [graduating in the summer god willing] I work both a full time and [on the weekends a] part time job. Both of my jobs require me to always be in constant contact with people and small children. Smiling, talking, helping out, you name it. I have to do it. It’s hard for an introvert like me, and it drains me very badly. I get back to my apartment and I’m so tired I won’t even eat some nights. I think maybe because I live inside of my head so much, having to actually interact with other people eats away at my life force. I swear I’m the girl version of Saiki [but without the psychic powers]

Blog updates: This weekend I plan to write down an actual posting schedule. Maybe if I actually tell ya’ll what imma do I’ll do it. Also can I just say I am super impressed with my blogger mutuals who post every day? Ya’ll are hella cool (please tell me how you do it loool). I think scheduled posts will for sure be more conducive for me considering I’m currently juggling 2 jobs and school on top of trying not to lose my mind as a young adult…..whilst simultaneously trying to figure out my life.

I’ve literally had so many things I want to write about (for the blog but I write short stories among other things) but I never actually sit down to write them. I can’t explain it, But I like to think up stories in my head. Sometimes I can actually see them play out in my head and ironically when it happens I’m usually doing something that is keeping me from writing it down. Thats kind of how it is when it comes to my blog. Sporadic writing syndrome. My weakness.

New avi: The real reason I wrote this post is mostly bc I wanted to show you guys my new avi! It was done by a lovely and SUPER talented lady named Radiance (a very beautiful name by the way) whose IG and twitter I’ll put down below because ya’ll literally have to see her work Anyway this is my new avi!

Just the cutest ever omg

Fun fact: I gave Radiance pictures of me that she could work with to make that cutie up above. This is actually me when I had longer hair (it’s growing back out right now). It looks like me right down to my glasses! When I initially reached to Radiance I told her exactly what I wanted, and she literally SNAPPED! The talent! The skills! The originality! Truly the best money I ever spent.

I know most people like to use anime avi’s across social media platforms which by the way is totally okay! But I wanted a new icon picture for the longest for my blog And I felt it was extremely important to have an avi that literally represented me. A black girl, who thoroughly enjoys watching anime and reading manga. I even asked her if she could put some of my favorite anime movies/shows on the shirt. She did such a phenomenal job how could I not be excited to share!??? And although I haven’t been posting consistently (work in progress), I’m always doing some work in the background for my blog.

They say you should find one thing that makes you money, one thing that keeps you in shape, and that lets you be creative. We still working on the other two, but my blog is a creative hobby that I really enjoy doing, and its something that keeps me happy! I created BlerdyOtaku as a way to meet new people and talk about anime and manga. And to also to create a space in which my fellow black women and others to interact and talk about anime/manga with . It’s a simple pastime. I don’t run ads of any sort because it’s literally just a hobby. And while I’m always ecstatic to see someone viewed a post of mine, If I never got a single view or like, I’d still keep working on my blog.

Alright the drugs are kicking so I’m gonna wrap this up really quick. I probably give it a few months before some random twitter profile takes my precious icon. Which sucks because you know I actually paid for it haha. But sharing is caring I guess? Radiance was nice enough to agreeing to put my blog name on her work. But still, people really are good for taking a picture that isn’t theirs on the internet.

Anywhos I am very excited that I do not have to work my part time this weekend and I get to lay on my new mattress and enjoy some anime (and also come up with that posting schedule). If I don’t post anything Friday I give anyone full permission to drag me. I’m going sleep now. Down below are Radiance’s social media pages!

@RxdixnceArt—-Twitter and her IG is @rxdixnce

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