Reading About Girls Falling in Love Part 2

Alright well here we are, early in the morning writing a blog post (by the time this is published, it’ll probably be the afternoon however.) Gotta love sporadic writing syndrome. A lot of things kept me from reading this second volume of Our Teachers are Dating, but I finally got around to it. First off, if you haven’t been following me on twitter you probably wouldn’t know, but I got accepted into my graduate program!

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Not gonna lie, I didn’t think I was going to get into my program, as I suffer from immense self doubt. But I submitted my application anyways, and got my decision literally two days later. I’m not entirely thrilled about going back to school either, but at the rate we’re going right now in life, I have no choice. I’m not sure what the future of the blog is going to be like, to be honest. But, my classes will be online, and I doubt I will be taking hella classes my first semester. January is when I start, and I will still do my best to stick to the posting schedule I have made for myself.

Lettuce discuss

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into this Yuri chile. Y’all know I don’t read no shojo or girls loving girls, but these teachers got me in a TIZZY right now! What can I say!

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I honestly was going to just cover the second volume, but I literally love this story so much, that I decided why not just read the third volume as well? I am a tad sad that this series is ending. I believe the fourth and final volume will be released digitally in April. I’m actually so sad *cries*. Also I know I didnt add pictures to my last post on this series. I’m probably not going to add any to this one either, I’m still debating (y’all know I’m lazy).

Our Teachers are Dating follows Terano-sensei and Hayama-sensei, two teachers who are…dating each other. That’s the entire plot. Each volume shows various instances, in which the two ladies interact with each other while strengthening their love.

Volume 2 Recap

Like I said, this is a Yuri slice of life manga. It’s just random events that occur that involve our two main ladies. The second volume covers a sports festival event, Terano- Sensei’s birthday, A small misunderstanding, a school festival and then lastly a slightly bizarre dinner date. At this point in the story, Terano and Hayama are starting to be more comfortable with each other. They are less awkward around each other in school settings, and everyone absolutely loves it. Hayama is completely enamored of Terano. Much so, that she literally feels overwhelmed by how cute Terano-sensei can be! During the sports festival, we see how much more comfortable they are physically being close to each other. This comes as a shock to some of their coworkers. For Terano-sensei’s birthday, Hayama has a hard time picking a gift for her lady, because she wants her to like it a lot. She ends up getting Terano clothes, a cake and flowers, the whole shebang. And the most important gift was, Hayama herself!

There is a little bit of friction (no pun intended omg) between the two late one night at school. It is a recurring theme for Hayama to get extremely agitated when she isn’t around Terano. She thinks about Terano nonstop and just wishes she could hold her or kiss her. She’s literally so in love with that biology teacher its disgustingly cute, ugh. Anyways, Hayama drinks an energy drink to pep up so that she can finish her grading. Afterwards, she goes to find Terano and the two start making out. Terano starts to freak, as she thinks she hears someone coming. She yells at an aggressive Hayama to stop kissing her, which then embarrasses our cute gym teacher. Hayama runs away and gets advice from a coworker who tells her she accidentally drank a liquid, that caused her to become h*rny. Terano overhears the two talking and actually becomes jealous, as she thinks Hayama likes the math teacher (who is a pretty woman.) The next day the coworkers can tell that Hayama and Terano are at odds, and force the two to talk it out like adults. Realizing it was a small lover’s spat, the two make up. The school festival passes by and basically they both just profess their undying love for each other. In between all that just imagine hella sex scenes, that I don’t plan on posting.

Volume 3 Recap

In volume three, Hayama recounts the first time she met and fell in love with Terano ,which was basically from day one of seeing her. Hayama explains that Terano helped her become less closed off to others, and to express herself more. It is very obvious the impact Terano has on the tough looking Hayama. The cute gym teacher smiles more, and she’s open to talking to coworkers about her relationship. Terano still can’t help but notice that maybe Hayama is holding herself back, because she doesn’t want to show her true side. The two talk it out and decide to always express their feelings. In this volume, it’s still the same theme of Hayama worrying endlessly about Terano. Or constantly thinking of her.

One day Hayama has to go on a business trip and thinks of Terano the entire time. Hayama ends up meeting a nurse who tells her that she looks exactly like a woman she is fond of. The two bond over the fact that they both miss their special person. Hayama learns the nurse is married to the woman in the pictured she showed her. I thought this was so cute since we hadn’t seen any other same sex couple in the story so far. And even cuter she was married! At this point in the story, Terano and Hayama have been dating for a year. I’m glad there was a time skip. It was at this point I realized, that maybe this story would not be dragged out. On their anniversary, both have decided to ask each other to move in together. They are seriously way too cute. And so now the two live together, go to sleep together, wake up together (sort of, Hayama-sensei is not a morning person!). Terano makes cute bento boxes for Hayama and such. They’re just in love and domesticated, love that for them. There’s really nothing major that happens in this volume, other than them moving in together. Terano-sensei is worried she’s gaining relationship weight, however.

My ramblings

I really have enjoyed reading their love story…alittle too much. Normally I hate mushy things, but the way they interact is so adorable I can’t help but gush. I’d say the only thing I don’t necessarily like is Hayama’s excessive worrying over Terano, when she’s not around her. I’m not sure if that’s a result of loving someone deeply but it kind of made me think she was clingy, even though I knew she wasn’t. I’m also not sure about how I feel about them moving in together after only a year of dating, but also what do I know about relationships and dating (literally nothing). I wonder what the fourth volume is going to cover. It’s our final volume and it will be so bittersweet. How will the story wrap up? Will they get married? Are crotch goblins in the future? They talk about being together forever and ever a lot. I wonder who will propose first? Terano was the one to offer a spare key first. I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I don’t want the story to end! Six more chapters cannot be enough to close out this love story! I think there’s so much more to learn about both ladies! I feel as if I know very surface level things. All it was, was fluffy smut which I mean, I’m not complaining but also is this what Yuri is about? Give me an actual story!

I guess I can’t be too mad, but now I must find more Yuri to read. I know I’m a hypocrite who shuns shojo, but I like girls love! There I said it! I don’t know if I’m willing to give hetero stories a chance now though, imma be real. But maybe I’ll look into shojo stories, or anime. Debating on if I really want to be hit with the feels. Anyways, no matter how this story ends, I really enjoyed reading Our Teachers are Dating. Knowing me, I probably will prolong reading the last volume. I don’t like to read/or watch things coming to an end. Especially if I liked it a lot. It’s kind of twisted but I don’t care. As of right now, I give the entire story a 8/10. I do wish the characters had a little more depth. But I understand that maybe it just wasn’t that kind of story. I enjoyed the coworkers and their ongoing support. The sex scenes were definitely um steamy. Overall, it was just a cute story about two women who love each other deeply. And I loved reading every second of it!

What are some Yuri titles you guys have checked out? Don’t lie to me I know you guys read it! Until next post!

You can read about the first time I ran across this story here 🙂

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