Remember when I said I don’t read Shojo Manga? Well….

Okay, so it’s like 3 in the morning, but I can’t sleep because I played some horror game called At Dead of Night and I’m honestly afraid to actually sleep. For the last 2 hours, I sat in my room (with multiple lights on) reading some new manga I got. I was reading some of Ito’s short stories but then I figured alright, enough horror. I remember looking at Yakuza Lover, cleverly hidden towards the top of my bookshelf and going: just do it you wimp! I’ve said before I really do not be reading Shojo manga. Boo sappy romances! I’m 24 and single, with very low hopes of finding a partner who actually had the patience to tolerate me. I actually WISH I was as cynical as I claim to be, but I do love a good love story. I supposed I might have guessed from the title, obvious romance would occur, and truthfully I couldn’t help myself. I’m quickly learning, that reading some Shojo manga is no different from me reading my ah *steamy* romance novels. Bonus points for me not having to visualize anything, because the pictures are already there!

So, I snatched the book off the shelf and quickly ran back to my bed. Why I felt the need to quickly scurry in the hopes no one would catch me reading the manga, I have no idea. My door is closed 24 hours a day whether I’m in it or not. Still, my mother thinks its odd I sometimes read “books with pictures in them”. I think it’s a Black mom thing. I’m sure as hell not about to explain this one, should she ever become curious. Thus I read Yakuza Lover, and chile….

Yalls did not tell me they was getting down like dis in some shojo manga! I know they’re not all like this, and I kinda figured because the book was actually wrapped. Also side note: I had no idea that wrapped books in B&N, meant like mature, and that you might see some nekked bodies amongst other things. BUT, wow what an interesting (in a good way) story to read!

What’s it about sis

Yuri is a 20 something year old college student, who wants to find a man who loves her for her (don’t we all baby). She goes to a party with a friend, and winds up in a bit of trouble until a yakuza boss named Toshiomi Oya steps onto the scene. He saves her, gives her his card, and Yuri is instantly hooked. They sorta fall for each other very quickly. It’s also implied that Oya is an older man, whilst Yuri is younger than him. Yuri knows she shouldn’t be getting entangled with Oya, because he’s a gang boss. But of course, she cant help herself. She doesn’t really get to see him often, because of his work. Oya also lives quite a dangerous life, which Yuri understands but she still wants to be with him. She decides to become his Yakuza lover, and the two begin a relationship essentially as boyfriend and girlfriend. Towards the end, the two go on a little vacation and run into some slight trouble but end up being okay. I don’t want to spoil too much because I’m not sure who’s read it already and who hasn’t. But that’s pretty much the gist of it.

What do we think?

Great introduction, although I have never been a fan of “insta-love” where the H/H fall in love with each at like first sight. Head over heels “I knew you were the one, the moment I saw you.” I hate to be a cynic, but I hate that trope in love stories. I enjoy couples building up their romance for each other. Which, truthfully that did sorta happen in the story. I just don’t see how you could love anyone when you’ve barely had a chance to see them, but this is also fictional so meh. Although it is mentioned Oya is older, it’s quite easy to see the age differences ,through the way they interact with each other, so I hope that it’s not something that is brought up excessively. I personally enjoyed the first volume. I’m not sure why I was surprised looking at some panels. The story literally is rated M for mature but still I may have been shocked. What can I say? I read stories about bad ass little boys going on adventures and upsetting 30 year olds, not girls falling in love. I do wonder how the two will navigate a relationship considering Oya is a crime boss. I suppose it may be a thrill in dating dangerous guys? I wouldn’t know. but Oya in a suit….and those tattoos…

maybe…maybe I hear sumn

I think I’m slowly, ya know, easing my way into shojo which is honestly so crazy! I read enough romance novels. I can’t really say I’m rooting for them yet, because I’m chaotic. I’m trying to see them argue! Everything can’t be kittens and roses. Lemme see a realistic fight. How long IS this going to last between them? Oya likes to make remarks like “I’ll call you if I make it out alive” or some nonsense, like sir why are you triggering my anxiety like that????

This is also a fairly new series I think* which kinda sucks because I hate waiting for new volumes/chapters to come out. But I think this will be worth it. Giving the first volume a 10/10 because honestly it was a good introduction to the couple. Whatever hardships they’ll have to face moving forward shall definitely be intriguing. I couldn’t imagine telling my family I was dating a crime boss. But also if I was dating a crime boss, people would hate meeee. Like do not play with me, because my man will have you on a t-shirt by tomorrow morning!

Anyways, I’m rambling but that was a good read! I may look at some other titles, I’m not sure my heart can handle too much. I hope you guys are staying safe!


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  1. Thanks to this, I read the whole first volume in half a hour, it was such a good read! thank you for submitting this for this months #TheJCS