Rent-A-Girlfriend First Thoughts

I’ve recently been seeing a lot of traction about RAG (imma just give it an acronym for convenience,) on social media. Not gonna lie, I saw the words harem attached to it, and immediately was uninterested in watching it. I did often retweet cute pictures though. I’m not really into watching harem type anime. I just don’t think men deserve to have attention from multiple women focused on them.

I’ve only ever watched one show( I can think of) that was harem type anime, and it was Quintessential Quintuplets. I managed to get through almost all the episodes with the exception of the last. I had very mixed feelings about it because well, I just couldn’t move past the fact that one of five sisters was going to marry this guy. I just didn’t like it. It was cute and I’m not knocking it, and when I gather the patience and willpower to watch the last episode, I will. But generally, I steer clear from harem anime. It’s just not my favorite genre.

BUT this series peaked my interest. Much so, that I almost feel bad for all the other anime shows on my to be watched list. The description for RAG was pretty funny, so thus I found myself finally dusting off my Crunchyroll premium subscription and starting up the first episode.

First episode

Kazuya is a 20 something college kid who has just gotten dumped, and decides to desperately turn to an app, that lets you rent a girlfriend. He spends the next day, with a very pretty girl named Chizuru, and thinks all has went well. That same night, Kazuya reads some reviews on her, and learns that he’s nothing more to Chizuru than a job. Still, trying to fill a void he rents her again for another date, but spoils it throughout the day, making slick comments. Eventually he snaps, which then makes Chizuru snaps, and then we see the REAL version of Chizuru. After a little spat, Kazuya gets some alarming news about his grandmother, and somehow ends up lying and saying Chizuru is his real girlfriend. They both agree to “break it off”, and go their “separate ways” after their little charade. But that’s hard to do however, because it seems like they attend the same university!

My Thoughts

This was a really cute first episode! I really appreciate the fact that the characters are all age appropriate for the storyline, and are not in high school. Kazuya seems like a very easy going guy, he honestly didn’t mean to rope Chizuru into his mess, and it was very noble of him to tell her why he rented her out in the first place. I don’t think he’s the hopeless romantic type, but to be hung up over a girl you only went out with for a month….yes I’m side eying him. Sir this is college, but I digress.

Chizuru…ah…I like her! Not gonna lie, she had me fooled in the first half with her little nice, girl next door act. When Kazuya started actin’ a fool in the aquarium, she had to get buck with him and let him know! Like sir you are messin’ with my money! I’m very interested to learn her back story and why she decided to rent herself out to be a girlfriend. Is it a money thing? Is it an empowerment thing? Why does she do it? Personally, I think it’s great taking men’s money like this. All you have to do is go places with them, and you don’t even have to sleep with them? Sign me up right now. Overall I will continue watching this, because I would like to see how these two progress. On to the next!


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