Spoilers. Lemme Ask the Audience.

Alright, so we once again harp over the many different complaints that come from watching anime or reading manga. Those who spoil things for others via social media. I was scrolling through twitter, when I ran a across a person tweeting how it was the watcher/reader’s responsibility to avoid spoilers. She then listed the different ways in which one can avoid them. It just made me wonder how you guys feel about spoilers?

I don’t care lol

Personally, I literally do not care if someone spoils something for me. Spoilers have never scared me, nor does it upset me to the point of trashing an anime or manga all together. For one, I’m reading the manga of some of these newer ongoing shows. And if the anime is sticking to the manga, then I’m already reading spoilers. Plus some of these manga are concluded, while the anime is still ongoing. I don’t like to wait every week for a new episode to air. Its agonizing! And I need to know what’s going to happen right then and there. That’s why I love reading manga. I like to read in general. Unless I really want to see something animated, then I’ll be reading all the manga spoilers. And I’d never let someone take away my joy for a an anime or manga, based off of a spoiler.

I have seen counter arguments as to why you shouldn’t post spoilers, specifically same day spoilers. I understand we all have a different 24 hours. Maybe you cant watch the episode the day it airs, or read the manga chapter when it comes out. Totally get that. But it’s definitely weird (to me) to try and police someone online for talking about something you haven’t read or watched yet. It’s giving very much main character syndrome. Whether one likes it or not, it’s always going to be that person or group of people who reveal a spoiler. Not everyone likes to wait to talk about things. There’s so many people on social media, it actually seems preposterous to literally think you could tell someone that they cannot talk about a manga chapter simply because you haven’t read it yet or seen it get animated yet.

Manga Readers vs. Everybody

I get really excited when I actually can talk to others who read the manga versus watching the anime. No shade to anime only watchers but it’s not fun when y’all are playing catchup and getting mad at manga readers. My suggestion would be to maybe mute words, block people, mute people. Do what you need to do to avoid seeing spoilers because other manga readers are not going to be spoiler free, because you don’t want to read the manga. And that’s totally okay if you don’t want to read…but everyone is different. Me personally, I don’t go out of my way to intentionally spoil things for others. I think it’s rude, especially if someone says “hey I don’t want to know what happens next” and then you still tell them. But I think that’s completely different from you mentioning a spoiler online whilst discussing with someone else.

Some of y’all are definitely trippin’ tho

Do I think it’s an asshole move for someone to post screen caps the same day something releases? Debatable….but also yes. I think the rule of thumb, and gosh I hate rules, would be to at LEAST wait maybe a day? I think that’s fair enough before you start posting pictures and think pieces. Again, I don’t care about spoilers, I’m watching/reading regardless. And I’m forgetful. Someone retweeted a MHA spoiler on twitter and I had already had my suspicions so I literally was unbothered. But like, I can’t be mad? I don’t read the MHA manga (I haven’t started yet, but I’m collecting volumes.) This person had been discussing a theory with someone else and simply retweeted the spoiler. Am I going to throw a tantrum because they did that? No, because that’s ridiculous. It’s not like I was looking for spoilers, I just happen to run across it. And that’s how most people run across spoilers online. But again. It was two manga readers discussing a chapter. And, you cannot control what people are going to talk about on a public platform.

How do you guys feel about spoilers? Do you think manga readers should wait to talk about things for anime only watchers? Should there be a wait time to discuss episodes or chapters? Is it YOUR personal responsibility to avoid spoilers or should others have the common decency to just not spoil? What do we think?


One thought on “Spoilers. Lemme Ask the Audience.”

  1. As a reviewer, I find that providing an intelligible opinion--subjective though it might be--requires discussion of a certain amount of material. And while I try to avoid giving away endings and whatnot, I do end up covering at least some major plot points. When discussing a specific story, you end up discussing specific elements that comprise it.
    It's simply unavoidable to do so to some degree.