That one time I bought a Japanese Subscription snack box

On today’s episode of buying things to ease my depreshaun, I decided….let’s buy a Japanese subscription snack box. There were so many to choose from (I mean they got plushies, tea, stickers. Man you name it, they’ll put it in a box.) I had been looking at subscription boxes for a while, but had never really been too interested in buying them. Yet, I found myself on at literally three a.m. weighing the pros and cons of actually subscribing, to a monthly Japanese snack box. I am probably never going to Japan…especially in this economy/ state of America and c*vid. One day, I really would like to visit. Unfortunately, that day will not be anytime soon. So, I figured if I can’t go to Japan, then I’ll bring a part of Japan to me. Snacks! Who doesn’t love food? It’s like a universal love language (I think, do not quote me). Anywho, I ordered the premium version of the box, mostly because I wanted the drink, and because it was going on my credit card, so I definitely didn’t care. And then we waited….and waited….and waited….and then it came! Processing seemed to take the longest, although it was supposed to be express. I didn’t mind though.

The Box 😬😯

If I’m not mistaken, this is the June box. TokyoTreat decided to do a collaboration with FUNimation. So the snacks are supposed to be what one probably could eat for an anime binge session per say. I also got two extra bags of Kit Kats, which was really nice. You also get a free month of FUNimation varying by region. I happen to get a code and decided to just post it to twitter since I wasn’t in need of it. The box is cute despite giving major Halloween vibes….in the month of June haha.

Mah Goodies (in my Ciara voice)

I won’t go over all the snacks (mostly just the ones I liked the most) but I’ll be sure to post pics of all the snacks!

Which is your favorite?

As mentioned before, I got two extra bags of Kit Kat’s which where the matcha and sakura flavors. The maple one was supposed to come with the box. How come we don’t have cool Kit Kat flavors in America??? I really loved the Maple and Sakura flavored ones. The matcha one didn’t taste too sweet, which was to be expected, but I still like it.

This is MochiMochi Chocolat Sakura mochi. This tasted REALLY good which I was surprised, but it looks like the middle was matcha flavored but it was really sweet. I especially liked it, since it’s apparently my gemini queen Mitsuri Kanroji’s favorite!

Next are these Dragon potato tasty chilly flavor chips. They were quite potatoey…..yeah. I liked them still, and I tasted some cheese in them. Not bad FritoLay Japan.

These are Baby Kaki Mochi Seaweed salt flavor “crackers”. These reminded me a lot of Bugles chips! Unsalted Bugles. I have never really been a fan of seaweed flavor anything, but these were surprisingly good!

Premium boxes include a full size drink, and this month’s box was a Fanta yogurt rush. Never thought Fanta would make a yogurt flavored soda, but here we are. It wasnt a terrible drink. But it was just a little too yogurty, and it sorta bordered on tasting like cough syrup. I’m sure it might have tasted better if it were cold. Not a fave, but I wanted to show the drink still.

These are some gummies inspired from the title “That time I go Reincarnated as a Slime”. I actually really liked these, as I am a jelly bean/ gummy fanatic. They didn’t taste too sweet, and the flavors are pretty good too. I can’t put my finger on which brand it is, but these gummies reminded me of an American gummy brand. It could be Black Forest gummies, that’s what this sorta tastes like.

The last one I liked a lot, was this Uncle Pierre Butter Cream roll cake. When I initially looked at it I thought I was banana flavored, cuz ya know yellow packaging. But it’s buttercream! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a butter cream roll cake before, but this tasted pretty good. So good, I ate the whole thing. In one sitting. If y’all ever had a strawberry short cake that’s basically what it looked like, only smaller and it smelled really good! I almost wished there had been two in the box *tears*

And here’s the rest of the snacks! It was mostly little cookies and candy and corn crisps (I really cant think of another word lool)

And that’s what was all in the box, besides a little pamphlet that told me the name of the snacks! Have any of you ever tried Japanese snack box subscriptions and do you have a favorite Japanese snack? Also how do you store mochi? There’s no way I can finish all of Mitsuri’s favorite Sakura mochi!

Till next post! Stay safe!