The Hidden Leaf Village was highkey Fake as F***

Quite often, I occasionally talk to my two very good friends, about how dirty the hidden leaf villagers was doing my boy Naruto. And I’m not just talking about Hiruzen, I’m talking about real life (I know they’re fictional) actual villagers who were shunning the crap out of my guy. Throwing masks at him (I remember that flashback, and it hurt my feelings), and talking about him during his academy days. Now that he’s Hokage, technically if we think about it, those same villagers who did him dirty would be super old now, right? I thought about it for a while, and realized that really, all the blame can’t really be put on those villagers, but more so the people in charge of the village, for allowing the behavior.

Hiruzen aka My Least Favorite Hokage

Hiruzen will forever be on my hit list for putting that boy in the hood, with minimal adult supervision, and enough allowance for milk and ramen. It’s no way he wouldn’t have been locked up, if he had tried that in this day and age. He really made Naruto’s life miserable, mostly because he let Danzō get away with some absolute mess. The villagers literally hated Naruto because of Danzō! If there is one character I’m glad died in this series, it was him. Danzō was truly demented. And then, Hiruzen thought he was doing damage control, by banning villagers from talking about that night. But really he made it worse, because all it did was cause them to side eye poor Naruto, even more. Hiruzen showed way too much mercy when it came to Danzō, and it all backfired in the end.

Back to These Fake Ass Villagers

What irritates me most with the villagers though was, these were grown people, scared and mad at a child, because a tailed beast was sealed inside of him. They acted like he volunteered for it! He literally had no say in the matter. How angry do you have to be, to really hate/fear a child for damn near 12 years, because the Hidden Leaf villagers were going hard in the paint. So much, that they even taught their kids to at best, steer clear of Naruto. Where was the empathy? How rude.

Obviously, he proved them all wrong, and people can make bad judgment calls and we know that he didn’t really destroy Konoha that night. There’s so many secrets that were essentially kept from non ninja villagers in the Hidden Leaf throughout time. It reminds me almost of what’s going on with Americans and the Government. There’s plenty of stuff they do that we don’t know about, or don’t find out about, until someone blows the whistle on it.

Special Boruto Episode

I think what would be really cool is if they did another one of those interview special episodes on Boruto, where they went around talking to older villagers, the ones who hadn’t initially liked Naruto as a child, because he was a Jinchūriki. Would their views have changed since they’re older now and have seen all the things Naruto has accomplished for the village? Would they still be wary/afraid of Naruto because Kurama is still inside him? I’m sure they were never told the real truth of what happened that night the nine tails was loose in Konoha.

I haven’t caught up on Boruto, the anime yet, but I do know they like to do those little interview specials were they go around interviewing villagers or Ninja teams, and I think it’s cute that they make them into whole episodes. Do y’all think the villagers were wrong in part 1 for directing their anger at young Naruto or was it warranted? Should Hiruzen have done a better job at trying to redirect the anger and done more than just declare a ban? Or was it enough? Who really knows. Any who, I’ve gotta get back to work, until next post!