The Grace Field babies are back! TPN S2E1 (not a review)

Will I keep up with this series? Probably not, but let’s just bask in the joy of the second season of TPN airing! We last seen the Gracefield babies making their escape from the farm, after my girl Emma played Miss Isabella like a fiddle. The first episode of the new season starts out with the kids venturing into the new world—a world full of demons! Along with the help of the mysterious William Minerva, they make their way to what is hopefully a safe location. Unfortunately, they run into some demon guards tasked with bringing them back. The kids end up getting saved by two mysterious people. I can’t remember if they both said their names, but it’s Mujika and Sonju. Ray immediately figures out that they both are demons, while Emma is in shock. And then the episode basically ends with a sort of cliffhanger.

Sometimes, it sucks being a manga reader

Since I’ve read the entire manga, I already know whats going down in next weeks episode. In the efforts to not be an ass, I won’t say anything or spoil it. Not sure if Goldy Pond will be animated in this season. The first season was what, 12 episodes I think? I actually only watched the first two episodes of the first season, before deciding to read the manga. I really binge read it in one night, until I caught up with the latest chapter.

Didn’t even finish the first season until literally last week. Gotta say, it really does hit different when it’s animated, and I’m so excited to see certain parts get animated. This isn’t really a review, since I technically already read it, I mean I’ve even done chapter reviews for the manga on the site. But I hope someone who hasn’t read it will be prompted to, just from watching the anime.

Anyway, thats enough of me fangirling. I wish I could talk to someone else who read the manga already, but it’ll just be me every week looking at the anime only watchers in slight disdain, because they just won’t read it. I think this season is gonna be pretty great and even though I have read it, it always feels so different watching it on a screen. I’m a very visual reader, so even with seeing the panels on the page, its easy for me to play it out in my head. What’s even cooler is when you see it on the screen, and its exactly how you imagined it in your head. I really enjoyed this story a lot so I doubt I will be disappointed with this new season.

Hope you anime only watchers enjoy it hahaha 🤣


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