TPN Ch. 150: Queen Legravalima Prevails!


Queen Legravalima is a bad bitch you can’t kill her! I knew she was gonna survive that blast oh my goodness. Unfortunately for her, Lord Giran already knew the deal. Turns out these explosives contained some sort of sticky adhesive, that would limit the queen’s movement. Well played Giran, I must say he really planned this thing out well. So I thought at first.

So basically the queen’s hands are tied (quiet literally) and Giran’s men began to sacrifice themselves, so that he may consume them, and assumedly become stronger in order to defeat Queen Legravalima. Giran then begins to basically wail on the queen, breaking her mask in the process.

Upon saying his final words to her, Giran’s body instantly breaks into a pile of blocks.

With the snap of her fingers (I watched infinity war too many times), his body just becomes a pile of nothingness basically. Up until this point, Legravalima had everyone (including readers) thinking Giran was winning! I’m loving the plot twist! She was like

So yeah, Queen Legravalima wins the fight against Giran. Am I surprised? Not really, but I was rooting for Giran. Before the queen can eat Giran, Zazie (I call him the mutant) enters, preparing to slay the queen and the remaining demons in the room.

He finna fuck her upppppp

Personally, I think the queen will have definitely met her match. I also see now why Yverk did not feel the need to jump in. I wonder what will become of him. On to the next chapter!


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