TPN: Ch 151: Queen Legravalima met her match?

This chapter starts out action packed right out the gate. Before Legravalima eats Giran’s body, to grow stronger, she’s hit with a surprise attack. Zazie is hitting Queen Legravalima with a two piece combo, and she might actually be in trouble! Norman knew the queen would beat Giran, so he deduces that if they can continually attack her, she’ll grow tired. Barbara and Cislo join the fight and the three tag team the queen.

Queen Legravalima starts to realize the three are not getting tired, and figures out what their ultimate goal is in defeating her. Somewhere down the line, Barbara sustains an injury from the queen, who then almost eats the woman. Zazie intervenes quickly, chopping the demon queen’s arm off.

Barbara was fixing to die for sure lool

An enraged Zazie goes to attack Queen Legravalima again, whilst her arm is regenerating, much to Cislo’s dismay. He stabs her hand, and the queen realizes the blade was poisonous. Meanwhile, Gilda Don, Mujika and Sonju have made it into the city. Gilda’s worries have come true as she realizes, Norman has found a way to make it so demons are unable to regenerate, but rather degenerate.

Back to the fight with the queen, a shocked Yverk has realized the blade contains poison. Barbara is literally on her death bed, but is holding out hope that the poison will work on the queen. Zazie goes on the offense again, with Cislo at her rear, and at the last moment Queen Legravalima, slices the mutant’s brown paper bag, instead of his head.

On the last page we see the sentence “go to hell you monster!!!”

So, I’m not sure if its Barbara or Cislo saying that last sentence, or if it’s Queen Legravalima herself saying it. It wouldn’t be odd of her to think of these special humans as monsters. I’m assuming the battle will be over in the next chapter, so onward I say!


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