TPN Ch 152: Its Time… Checkmate for Norman?

Don and Gilda’s gang have since deduced that Norman wants to kill all demons, but how? Through poison unsurprisingly! In the central square of the city, there is a mass panic among the demons, as they are not regenerating.

The queen has sliced Zazie’s paper bag and we see his real face. I don’t know what I was expecting Zazie to look like, but I am sorta surprised. He does in fact, look like a mutant, I don’t care. He may not even be fully human who knows.

Zazie slashes the queen’s face, and we are then shown a flashback of Legravalima. From the start, she always felt as if she were better than all the other demons. And because of that, she wanted to receive the best meat. Even better than the demon king. Sidenote, I initially thought that the Demon (“Him”, since we don’t know how to say his name) was the “king” of the demon world. I think I may have confused myself. I guess he’s just the king of demons and maybe he’s the one who created the hierarchy of demons?

In this chapter, Legravalima does mention her father who is the king, but that demon isn’t “Him.” Sorry to confuse you guys. Anyways, Legravalima recounts her past, speaking of how she took the throne and how she was able to get anything she wanted except for one thing. This one thing was……Norman. The queen is the whole reason Norman is a nutcase who knew! She sent him to the lambda farm, I guess as a way to keep Norman from being eating by “Him”.

Norman has made his way to the dying queen, and she express her interest in still wanting to eat him. During their entire exchange, they are speaking in demon language which surprises me. One, because I didn’t think Norman knew demon language, but also he’s smart so why wouldn’t he? Two, because in this chapter it is clearly shows that the two are speaking demon language. So up until this point, was Legravalima and Giran speaking english too?

Maybe I sound crazy, but remember in Tarzan, when he would speak to the apes and us watchers heard english? But when he spoke to Jane, it was jibber jabber, because he didn’t know real english? I’m wondering if that’s the case here.

After the brief exchange, Zazie kills Legravalima. Norman then proceeds to kill Yverk, but in an instant, he sees a small Emma and Norman. Maybe it’s his conscious telling him to just wait for Emma before killing anymore demons?

Emma and Ray make it to Norman, but Emma is in shock at what she sees before her. A room full of slaughtered demons, and a rather cold Norman, who tells her it’s too late. Yverk’s mask is seen on the floor among the dead demons.

Personally, I really don’t mind this vendetta Norman has against the demons. I mean they had no remorse when they was eating children. Why he gotta have remorse killing them back? On the other hand, I understand Emma’s empathy for the demons. If I can get my siblings into the human world and no one has to die in the process why not? I think I’m more salty that Norman didn’t just wait for Emma.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about her, it’s that she knows how to get shit done. She said she was gonna remake that promise and free the farm children and she did! It was a rather rushed effort on Norman’s part to just go ahead with his own plan. It’s like he didn’t even regard anything Emma said which is sad if that’s supposed to be his closest friend.

This next chapter hopefully, we’ll learn more of the details of the reward Emma has to give “Him”, in return for changing the promise. I know she gone cry that next chapter, because Norman went against her wishes. Ray probably gonna be in the background saying nothing, because he knew Norman was gonna do it anyways. Is Barbara dead? I honestly hope so because I don’t like the Lambda farm kids at all. Until the next chapter!



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