TPN Ch 153: Coward

*Alright well first off I wanna start off by saying my apologies for not posting in 3 weeks. I am now a full time working young adult, and I work with small children all day which is surprisingly quite exhausting so far. However, I will try to come up with a practical posting schedule very soon.*

Anyways, Emma and Ray roll up on Norman, who’s killed off the remaining demons, much to her dismay.

Emma of course, is shocked at what she sees, but tries to reason with Norman still. She brings up the promise again and how everyone can escape. Norman claims she is too late, and that it is now impossible to stop killing the demons. Norman declares he will wipe the demons out for good, and Emma says she will not let him.

Emma tells Norman she doesn’t believe he wants to actually kill off all the demons, and to stop lying to himself. She tells Norman he is afraid and scared, which he does not deny. His fear is what drives him to want to destroy the demon society for good. The rest of the chapter consists of Emma and Ray trying to convince Norman that he no longer has to do everything by himself, and to lean on his family.

This chapter was a very short read. It really just consisted of Emma trying to convince Norman of all the reasons why he should stop his antics.

I think Norman has pretty much made up his mind, the only way to get free from the demons, is to just kill them all off. And Emma is like ‘no let’s just leave them alone and get the fuck outta dodge.’ I personally don’t think his idea is too bad, and especially with all he’s been through, I can see why he’s so adamant to do it. I just think his method of doing so is slightly sadistic. But I also see Emma’s side as well.

I guess in her mind, if she can get her family free without hurting anyone, then that’s a win. But Norman is so far down the rabbit hole, that it’s almost as if he cannot stop his mission. I feel like Emma is giving enough compelling reasons for him to stop the madness, but I wonder if he’ll actually listen to her…


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