Using my credit card again to buy Japanese snacks

In the efforts to meet my monthly post minimum, I present once again, me trying out Japanese snacks. What can I say? I enjoy cutting corners too much. Yes I filmed this back in June, but in all fairness it is my July box. I also think I mentioned before that I’m trying to be better at integrating my platforms, so instead of me posting pictures of the snacks I tried, here’s a video *smiles* I don’t really have a central theme of my YouTube. I kinda just make videos on whatever I want. I think that being a Gemini, I often have many different interests so it’s hard to kinda just focus on and talk about one specific thing. You can subscribe if you want, if not, here’s my cute face eating snacks:

p.s. I actually tried these snacks out on camera as well, if you don’t like eating sounds I probably wouldn’t recommend watching this lol

If any of you have any favorite Japanese snacks, comment down below! I’m always intrigued by people’s favorite foods. Stay safe and until next post!


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