Why I can’t get into the One Piece hype

I remember a point in time (just recently actually) , where I literally would tell my good Twitter friend “you could put a gun to my head and threaten my life and I still would not watch or read OP.” Now, while this post is about why I can’t get into the hype, I will admit I did read at least the first, 8-10 chapters of One Piece I think? And I won’t lie, it was cute at first, and then in an instant it lost my attention, and I was no longer interested. I don’t know what it is about this series. I don’t know what y’all see in it that I’m not seeing. But I simply cannot, and will not do it. I’m not even willing to read or watch to a specific arc at this point. And as much as I’d like to hop on that bandwagon and be like it’s this great phenomenal story, I really can’t.

Why I love Naruto (and why a non watcher should check it out)

Naruto is special to me, bc it told the story of this kid that essentially nobody liked (for some shit that really wasn’t even his fault but that’s another post). He faced hardships that no child should have ever had to face. Throughout his journey, he grew stronger and built life long bonds with people who grew to literally become like family to him. And along the way, he also lost people close to him. It’s a tale of tragedy kinda but also, a really long and cool journey of fulfillment of one’s self potential. As crazy as it sounds to relate to a cartoon, that blonde haired kid taught me a lot about trials and tribulations, never going back on your word, or giving up, and that you can almost always overcome the obstacles set in front of you. Now of course, no one really wants to hear that spiel when you tell them why you love Naruto, BUT that’s my truth. On top of its drawn out action scenes, the filler episodes can be a hassle too until . But it’s a great show with plenty of comedic relief to counter the sad moments. And it teaches the importance of friendships as well.

Attachment issues

Another thing is…..IF (and that is a very hypothetical if chile….) I were to continue reading OP, would I grow attached to certain characters? Are these even characters worth liking? Listen….my heart cannot take anymore deaths….no more. I had enough in Naruto. And I damn sure had enough in Demon Slayer! I’m not gonna lie I really don’t get AS attached but I am always interested to learn more about specific characters and it’s really hard to do that when the creator kills them all off *coughs*

Will it ever end?

I’m certainly not trying to throw stones, bc Naruto was long as shit, and now we’ve got a show about this dude’s son. This show has been running since the 90s just like Naruto. My guy became Hokage in like 2017, so when is this Luffy guy going to become Pirate king? When does the story end? If I were to invest my time, energy and emotions into this story, I wanna know for how long at least.

I don’t think OP is a bad series

I want to really emphasize that I have never thought that One Piece was a bad series. I think their fandom is a little crazy. But y’all go hard for your show like how we do for Naruto so I can’t be mad. But also…some of y’all be trippin’. I just don’t think it’s MY cup of tea. I tried reading it. I gave it chance. And it just wasn’t for me. Just like Naruto isn’t for other people. Or like how Bleach isn’t for some either. Different strokes for different folks. I do enjoy Shonen anime, it would stand to reason I would like OP but I simply cannot get into it. Will I try it again in the future? Maybe? Maybe not. Who knows. I’m not not knocking it.

Trying to be open minded at least

In the effort to try and be a little open minded, I’ve decided to ask y’all’s opinions on why you like One Piece so much. I’m not asking for reasons why I should try and continue on reading it, but why you like it so much, or why it made you keep watching/reading.


One thought on “Why I can’t get into the One Piece hype”

  1. I like one piece because its a great tale that's romantic and how the one piece worlds parallels to your own and how one piece leads you down a story with an almost impossible of goal of finding the treasure without even knowing if its real or not


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