Beastars Series First thoughts (Episodes 1-4)

Before I start….HAPPY POST HIATUS!!!! Fun fact about me, I work at an elementary school, and due to the current climate of America, schools are closed. Consequently, this is also our spring break smh so yay to watching more anime and reading more manga!

Alright so Beastars….

Imma be real with y’all, anime shows where we see animals with human traits really is not my thing, but I saw the trailer and was like what do I really have to lose (besides my time). As I am typing this I’m actually only on the fourth episode but I already have so much to say because wow????

First off, Beastars follows Legoshi a second year student, who goes to some private school (I think). He’s a stagehand for the prestigious drama club at the school. He’s very shy, and somewhat timid but get this….he’s a freaking wolf! A friend of Legoshi, named Tem is brutally murdered causing a divide between the herbivores (prey) and the carnivores (predators). Legoshi stumbles across Haru one night, who I’m assuming actually gave off pheromones, triggering his savage nature. He ends up hurting her, but also developing these strange feelings for this bunny rabbit.


Haru is a promiscuous dwarf bunny who is ostracized by the entire student body because she gets around. This bunny is for the streets! Her second encounter, she actually tries to give Legoshi, what I am assuming, is a bl***** but he runs away scared.

Thoughts so far…

So far from the fourth episode, I have so much to say! This drama club is serious as shit! And again, the whole animal with human traits is wild to me, but what I REALLY cant wrap my head around is my girl Haru out here fuc- having relations….with animals of different species. I’ve heard of the term going at it like bunny rabbits, shorty taking it to the next level getting it in with these other herbivores honey!


Louis is a pretty boy. With a very tragic inferiority complex. Like baby…’ll never be a predator and that’s okay, but going around treating others like shit because you feel less than is not it. He’s very rude to others sometimes, and despises anyone pitying him. Despite his abrasive nature, people flock to him and even revere him. Him mentioning being raised by hyenas might also be why I feel like dude be on some snake shit. Louis also seems to be slightly annoyed of Legoshi’s shy nature, and thinks he should embrace being a predator. They have a weird relationship and despite Louis seeming like a snake, he’s helped out Legoshi a couple of times when he was in trouble.


Legoshi needs to cowboy the fuck up because I’m tired of seeing this timid shy wolf. I’m tryna see my mans fuck somebody up, who cares what these other students are thinking! All the Herbivores at the school are some scary punks in my opinion. And he seems super determined not to be the topic of conversation but people are already weary of him. And I don’t like that Legoshi downplays himself and what he’s capable of, for the sake of not scaring anyone else. Like sir, you are a predator, own it sheesh.

Final takeaway so far

I got 8 more episodes to go. I’m more interested in finding out who killed my guy Tem! I don’t know if I’m down for this interspecies relationship that’s about to [maybe] develop between Haru and Legoshi, but we shall see. Also, maybe rabbit’s blood is what sets Legoshi’s savage nature off too, because he was on Bill’s ass during that second show! Overall it’s not a bad anime so far and I could see myself finishing it up soon.