BEM Anime Recap Episode 1: Water

Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to watch this show and within the first 12 minutes I wasn’t disappointed! So I’d say that’s a plus! BEM follows three “ugly” humanoid demons who fight crime in a violent ridden part of the city, with the hopes of becoming human one day. Their names are Bem, Bela, and Belo.

Before I dive into the recap, can I just talk about how the soundtrack for the show is really good so far? Giving me jazz to lofi hip hop vibes okay! It did switch to a more fast paced, upbeat rhythm, when Bem started battling the water demon. Either way I’m loving the music so far.

In this episode, we meet multiple characters, the first one officially being Sonia Summers. She’s an average height, blue eyed blonde, who happens to be the ops (she a cop). She has just been transferred to the “Outside,” as a result of apparently getting mouthy with one of her superiors. As she drives through her new city, we get to see what the Outside looks like. It’s basically the hood. Shorty is in thee hood! She wasn’t even there 5 minutes before a robbery, carjacking, and murder occurred at the same damn time! And…to make matters worse, it’s literally her car that was stolen like bro….On everything I would have quit that same night fuck the job at this point. I know she wanted to catch the purse thief but girl how you leave your keys in the car and run off like that?

Sonia also happens to run into Bem, although she has no idea who, or what he is. All she knows is that he’s pursuing something while she’s pursuing the robber. Sonia meets some of her coworkers the same night, since she calls in the robbery turned murder, and they kinda give her a cold reception. The next day, she shadows an officer, and basically learns that the unit she works in specifically, is full of dirty cops. Knowing this, Sonia points out to him its a “failure of justice” the dirty acts they are engaging in, but her colleague pays her no mind.

The same night, we follow Bem, as he continues his pursuit of the water demon. Here we see him display some of his abilities, which so far seem to be speed, and manipulating electricity. Next, we meet Belo and Bela. They appear to have teen-like features in contrast to Bem, who looks like an older man. All three sit a top a bridge, declaring that if they can save enough humans, then they will become humans themselves.

We then jump back to this water demon, who has gone to his hideout, in order to ask this “professor” character for more power. We get a quick glimpse of the professor who appears to be an ominous looking man. Bem has caught up with the water demon. Around the same time,Sonia finds her way to the hideout as well, due to a phone call to the police station. She’s in harm’s way and Bem saves her yet again. Can I just say, Sonia seems a bit stupid to me. At one point she starts shooting….at the water demon. Like…girl. It’s made…of water.

Bem asks her if she wants to die for the second time, since they have met. I think he realizes how foolish this woman is. In the process of trying to take the demon down, two cops and Sonia’s boss, (I think he’s her boss it was never mentioned who he was) arrive and are killed instantly.

At this point, Bem sheds his humanoid appearance and reveals his true form. Highkey he looks scary as hell in demon form. He defeats the water demon no problem, but not before Sonia witnesses what he truly is. Terrified of what she has seen, she attempts to shoot Bem multiple times, but to no avail. He’s a demon so are we really surprised he can withstand bullets? Not really. Anyways, Bem gets away, leaving Sonia in a state of shock as more cops arrive to her aide.

Later, Bem deduces that Sonia has not been “trained” yet by the horrors and violence of the city, and plans to give her time before trusting her. Somewhere off in the city, a group of council members meet saying they have found “Alpha” in reference to seeing Bem’s demon form. The next day presumably, Sonia is back out shadowing, in the community.

I personally think that was a great first episode, and good introduction for Bem, Belo and Bela. Anime that will tell you the plot within the first two episodes versus having it build up are my favorite. Hopefully, Sonia will eventually get over the sight of demons and maybe learn to work with Bem. Comment down below if you guys are watching BEM as well! On to the next episode!


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