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Hello my peoples! Just decided to sit down, and harp about what’s going on my life. Firstly, I am in the process of moving back home. Well, not my actual birthplace, but a place where my mother has decided to settle…for now. I initially was very hesitant to move back in with my mom, mostly because I literally have been living on my own for a quite a few years now. But, I have gone from a broke college student, to now a broke college graduate. I have found myself with more bills than money, something I have always feared. So, in the efforts to change that, my mom has proposed I moved back in with her. I’ll pay very discounted rent, whilst also finishing up my second term with my current job, and come summer we will, hopefully have a new job. Not sure how long I’ll be with my mom, since I initially planned to move out during the summer–I just enjoy my space. But also I enjoy saving money….so who knows.

Sporadic posting

I swear you guys probably didn’t notice, but for a minute….during one of these months I was busting out posts like nobody’s business. One day, I’ll get it together….probably not anytime soon though. Before, I didn’t write so much because juggling school, and work was getting the best of me. And then soon, it became just juggling working my job and trying to cope through this pandemic. I will admit, it hasn’t been very easy, I suppose it could be worse though? I’ve also been having some health issues again, both mentally and physically. I hate going to doctors (for historical reasons) but I suppose if I am to get better, I’d better go see someone.

Thanks for the tags!

Once again, thank you to anyone who tagged me in anything on twitter or some blog challenge. I’ve already explained why I don’t share my work in those things, but I shall explain it again. I really just don’t like putting myself in any sort of spotlight….I’m also shy…. which is truly laughable. I know most of the time these activities are for exposure, which is great! I however, am just not into sharing my posts more than once haha. I obviously keep my most recent post pinned, and retweet it onto my other account, but thats the furthest I’m willing to go. I rarely ever even tell people I run a blog. I make a joke that my friends advertise my blog more than I do. Because I really do it for fun lol. But still thank you again, if you tagged me. You’re welcome to keep doing it, although I won’t guarantee I will ever participate. But I will always thank you, because I am not completely rude. I enjoy being in the aniblogging community, and I really do appreciate those who think about me during those tags ❤️.

What’s next

I’ll actually be fully moved back in to mom’s by the 27th, so literally in a few days, I do have a few posts typed up, so hoping next week I’ll have them out. One of them involved me reaching out to Black cosplayers in the community, and I’m really excited about that one. I think maybe my life will be sorta together, once I’m moved back in with my mom. And by together, I mean worrying about things a little less. Not excited to be job searching, technically my contract ends in June, but I figured its probably best to start looking now, rather than later.

Stay safe everyone! Bizarre things are happening in the world right now. Be sure to take care of yourselves.


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  1. Times are hard--it's a real blessing to have family to support you when you need it. Do all you can to benefit from this reprieve. Stay positive and good luck!